Monday, October 05, 2009

Read the Bible in 90 Days

Yesterday, our church began a journey through the Bible in 90 days! Our goal - to read the word of God, cover to cover, before 2010. It has already proven to be an exciting venture. I have never seen people so excited and zealous about the word of God. I love it!

I will say that I didn't realize so few people have actually read the Bible in its entirety. It's been a couple years since I've done the same, so I am certainly looking forward to it. We are officially using the program designed by Ted Cooper. I must admit that I am NOT a fan of the NIV version, simply because it eliminates a number of Scriptures (See for more information). However, one can follow the program with any Bible. For many, the NIV is also easier to read. As a Pastor, I am just elated to see people excited about knowing God's word. If they can more easily understand and read the NIV version, so be it!

Last night's reading was from the beginning through Genesis 16. The thing that stood out to me most was the fact that mankind has disappointed God SO MANY TIMES!!! It was almost heart-breaking. Before the seventh chapter, our Father has already regretted creating man. Wow! It shed a whole new light on the need for repentance and the ever present evil our our minds without Christ.

Well, I've been hungry for more of the word all day. There is more to come as I journal through this journey. Won't you join me?

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