Friday, October 23, 2009

CraigLewis Sings the Brady Bunch

LOL! I love this video... it's actually funny and entertaining. And, these young men can sing!

As I watched, however, conviction came over me on behalf of the church. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? That's the question heard. Immediately, I thought of all the church services I've been to - more than half of those I've attended in my life - where the singing was awesome. The preaching was animated. The singers and the preachers had TALENT BUT NO MESSAGE!

Just like we see in this video, which was obviously done in fun, two young men have talent, but the essence of their message is nothing more than a sitcom theme song. Everyone can relate. It sounds good. It keeps us entertained.

Entertainment? Haven't we had enough? When the runs are gone... When the music stops... When the people stop shouting... What has changed? What was the message, REALLY?


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