Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Earthworm

Last night during prayer, God revealed something to me that was frightening, yet enlightening. He gave me an open vision of an earthworm. At the beginning of the vision, the worm was of a normal size, but as it began to move, it grew exponentially. As I continued to watch, the worm grew and moved across the states until in was literally large enough to stretch from North Carolina to California. As it moved, it would eat and grow. Another thing I found interesting is that people were jumping on its back for the ride.

Earthworms live by eating dead matter. This worm, God revealed to me, is religion. It is a spirit that is moving across our country, feeding on dead religious practices and ideologies. The worm was able to grow and move because there was so much dead matter available. People do not know God, and they are being consumed by any manner of “organized distraction.” That includes church, meetings, clubs, organizations, phone calls - anything to keep someone busy, but still out of relationship with God. So many are claiming to be Christians, yet their very church, practices and rituals are keeping them from God. They are spiritually dead. They claim to know God, but deny His power. They are wrapped up in religious practices, but essentially worship only themselves, their accomplishments, their churches, their leaders and their man-made organizations. They are chasing titles and positions, but know nothing of how to seek God. More people are jumping on board, because this way is easy. It pleases the flesh and disguises sin.

As I watched and heard God revealing this explanation, I began to pray all the more, but God told me to be comforted. He reminded me that earthworms also fertilize the soil. When earthworms are present, anything can grow. “Now,” he said, “the soil is rich. The ground is fertile, and the harvest will be more plenteous.” As a result of the wave of empty religion, many will find themselves unfulfilled if they haven’t already. This is the time to evangelize like never before. This is the time to stand for truth. Now is the day of salvation!

Where is the voice of the prophet in this season? Where is the staff of the true shepherd? Where are those who will go into all the world and preach the good news?

People of God, there is an urgency here in the United States of America to stand up for truth! Truth means exactly that! We can no longer sugar-coat our speech and make people feel better. In fact, we must begin to teach the truth about CHURCH WORSHIP. Yes, many are dying in the church, because we refuse to preach about sin if it pertains to people who gather on Sunday and say “Jesus” once a year. People are dying, and we know the key to eternal life – TRUE RELATIONSHIP with God.

God’s house has become a valley of dry, dead bones. Speak the word of life. Speak truth and promote relationship, rather than religion. People need to be faithful to God more than man. Honor God first. No more idols in our Father’s house! AMEN.

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