Monday, August 01, 2011

Revival Tsunami

God has been speaking to me about a NEW SEASON.  So often, this has been just a saying, but I literally feel the push of God... moving me into a new realm of the Spirit.

Tonight, in prayer, the Lord revealed to me a warning about the coming revival.  IT IS COMING, but it will be different.  This is a powerful move of God, so the flesh and those natural treasures we hold so dear cannot be included.

After praying, I saw a vision of a huge wall of water... hundreds of feet high.  All around me, people were running and screaming, "It's a tsunami!  Run for your life!"  Interestingly enough, I wasn't afraid.  I couldn't even move.  I was in awe.  I just stared at the wall of water and said, "Wow, God!"  I was in so much peace.  I knew I was safe.

Then, the Father said:
"Revival will hit like a tsunami, with no warning.  There will be no time for fear.  It will either kill you or consume you.  Those who receive will be refreshed, but it will destroy everything not like Me.  Let it go.  Do not fret over what I destroy.  The storm brings joy, power and purity.  They will say you were destroyed, but you will know you were revived."

To GOD be the glory!  God has even been speaking about fear of the unknown.  If we pray for Him to do a "new thing," we cannot be afraid when He performs it!  We must discern and move in faith, being led of the Holy Ghost.  We must also know that purging comes before the power!  I'm ready for a new season.  I am not afraid of the tsunami and the storm.  I am at peace, and I thank my God!

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