Monday, July 11, 2011

Mail Order Covering?

I am praying for ORDER to be restored in the Body of Christ, wherever it may be missing.  I've been very disturbed to find that even some I know in ministry are being "virtually covered" in their ministries.  The anointing and accountability REQUIRE RELATIONSHIP!

You cannot "buy" a "covering". God must set you in divine relationship in order for you to have true accountability. PLEASE, let's stop taking classes and paying fees to get "covered". These are not Apostles, but merely bill collectors who will loan you their name without covenant... AKA PIMPS. In the Body of Christ, you cannot be "covered" without relationship!  We must know them that labor among us…

Let's fix this!  No wonder there is so much confusion in the Body of Christ.  We cannot choose our own leaders... they must be ordained by God.  We can't leave every time we get upset or want to be ordained with a new title.

Wow!  I'm praying...

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