Tuesday, July 05, 2011

REPENTANCE is Needed in the USA

Yesterday, as we celebrated the independence of our country for the 235th time, the Lord instructed our church to come together and pray for this nation. During that time of prayer, I was burdened with what He released.

We cried out on behalf of this country, lifting up our soldiers who are fighting overseas. We prayed for the children in the nation and their education. We cried out for those who are imprisoned and the many who have suffered through natural disasters. Yet, in the midst of those prayers, God stopped me. He instructed me to continue crying out and travailing for the sins of the country, but He also said, “My judgment must come upon this land.”

God began to remind me that while these United States have judged and criticized other countries for their radical Muslim ties, communist governments, malicious governments and so forth, we have turned away from the godly standards that we so arrogantly use to judge others. We claim to be a moral nation, and somehow expect others to do the same when we welcome divorce, rationalize homosexuality, legalize the murder of unborn babies and even protect those that choose to do it. In this country, we award fathers who refuse to take care of their children and applaud men who choose to take multiple wives. Reality TV is a reflection of our twisted morals and fleshly appetites. Think about the movies, the music, the entertainment produced in THIS country. Does it really represent God?

The Father took me to Psalm 9:17, “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.”

“Do not consider yourselves to be exempt from My judgment,” He said. “I am a merciful God, but I am a just judge.”

The Lord went on to remind me that He always reserves a remnant and will certainly protect His own. However, He instructed me as a prophet to warn the nation that destruction is coming. The country that once claimed to serve God has now pushed His people into the minority. This is no longer a Christian nation. While founded on Christian principles, we have abandoned that which is holy on a large scale. As a nation, even the USA must be judged.

During that time, I saw an attack on New York. I don’t know exactly what took place, but there was panic and lots of water. We know and prophecy in part, so I continue to pray for clarity. I also encourage other prophets to cry aloud, and begin to warn the people. Don’t hold back on what God is trying to reveal through you.

I am asking that all God’s people continue to pray and cry out for this nation. This is a season of evangelism, like never before. Even last week, God placed a HEAVY burden on my heart for domestic missions. Other nations need God, certainly. But in the USA, there is a need that far exceeds that of Africa, Asia or even the Middle East. God revealed to me that they have a made up mind. Here, at home, we are deceived and the presence of the enemy is much stronger... much more deceptive...  and ACCEPTED!


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