Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Word of Prophecy to the USA

The Father spoke the following to me this evening:

I do not desire sackcloth and ashes, nor do I desire your burnt sacrifices. I desire a broken heart and a contrite spirit. My children, pray on behalf of your nation. I am not pleased, because America has set idols before Me. America has a form of godliness, but denies My power. Repentance is what I require. Open your mouth and give warning to them that disobey Me. Speak of My goodness to those who do not believe Me.

America has taken a spirit of pride that shall be brought down. You dwell in a country where a man will die for his flag, but turn away from Me, his God. Where are My martyrs? Where are those who will sacrifice for My glory?

Blow the trumpet and tell the transgressors of their ways. I am not pleased. Wail before Me on behalf of this nation. Consecrate yourselves to be used of Me. This harvest is plenteous, but My laborers in this land are few.

A time is coming where the wailing of mothers will sound great for their children. Do not be alarmed. This nation shall be turned over to a reprobate mind. Lawlessness shall increase and fear shall cover the land, but I will cover those who seek My face. I will not forsake My children in the midst of My judgment.

Psalm 9:17
The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.

Stand and proclaim My word in the land. Leave the walls of comfort and go into all the world. Proclaim My good works in your dwelling place. Who has rendered you silent? America must hear the prophet’s voice. Who will sound the alarm? Speak My judgment, and I will perform it. I am just and will forgive the repentant heart. Yet, the evil doer shall be exposed and judged, according to My Word.

I see blood on the hands of My servants. The warning has not gone forth. Clean your hands, My people. Proclaim the truth and stand for righteousness. Count your loss as gain for My sake. Stand for Me as your men have stood for your flag. Am I not more glorious? Have I not created the country so many worship? I AM. Yes, even I will bring down this idol.

Where is My praise in this land? Where is My voice among its people?

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