Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The TRUTH About Armorbearers and Adjutants

For the past two weeks, God has really been speaking to me and showing me the TRUTH about Armorbearers and Adjutants. I've seen the abuse and lies that surround this position, and I have a heavy burden on my heart to spread the truth! What is an Armorbearer? What is their "ordained" place in ministry? Who should be an Armorbearer?

Last night, the Lord allowed me to air a radio broadcast over BlogTalkRadio. The Cry Aloud, Spare Not! Radio Ministry Broadcast dealt very candidly with the topic of ordained servanthood. I am fully aware that this word is not be a popular one, but I must speak what thus says the LORD. If you or someone you know would be interested or affected by this topic, please tune in to the recorded audio broadcast by clicking the link below.

Remember, you shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free! Blessings!

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