Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Difficult Assignment

During a time of prayer tonight, the Lord took me up into a vision. In the vision, I began to almost float down a long road filled with dreams. I saw big cars, big houses and bright sunshine. At one point, I saw a long river with snow-capped mountains on the other side of the water. Eventually, I was lead into a huge sanctuary. It was divinely decorated with jewels and fine stones. The people were rejoicing. Everyone was full of joy. The people had no burdens. They were full of hope.

As I looked closer, I saw that the people were looking at a huge stage. Their visions and dreams for this world were being portrayed on a stage. It looked so real. Everything that anyone would desire was flashing before their eyes - money, security, health, spouses. The people were reaching out for these things. While they gathered in God's name, they did not come to meet Him. Instead, they came only to be entertained by what they thought they could gain FROM Him. As the people rejoiced in what I first thought to be praise, God spoke and instructed me to walk up on the stage.

I was terrified. The people were being entertained by visions of their blessings. As I walked onto the stage, God enabled my arms to grow. He told me to tear down the vision, as it was not of Him. It was a false hope based on the promises of the false prophets. I timidly walked on the stage, and was amazed at this screen. It was mesmerizing, and looked like reality or at least the hope of something very real. I was the only one who could tell it was just a screen, not real life.

As I stretched my hands, I felt the power of God come over me, and I simply pushed down the set. There were ladders and wood behind it. The people began to fight and scream when they saw their vision was nothing more than entertainment. A riot broke out, and I heard the Lord say, "This is how you will know they do have no relationship with me. They will have an anger toward you, because you have spoken on My behalf."

I distinctly heard God say, before I came out of the vision, that I must begin to knock down the entertainment and the false dreams that are not of Him. My hands are anointed for this purpose. "They are not worshipping Me," He said. "The are worshipping only a false promise of what they believe I will give them. Rather than using faith to please Me, they use faith for personal gain."

A difficult assignment lies ahead. Selah.

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