Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Worshiping an Unknown "god"

Acts 17:22b-24
I perceive in every way [on every hand and with every turn I make] that you are most religious or very reverent to demons. For as I passed along and carefully observed your objects of worship, I came also upon an altar with this inscription, "To the unknown god." Now what you are already worshiping as unknown, this I set forth to you. The God Who produced and formed the world and all things in it, being Lord of heaven and earth, does not dwell in handmade shrines.

So much error in reverence...so much ignorance in worship. God is speaking to the Church in this hour. There is an urgent cry for the remnant to step up in priesthood and seize the responsibility God has given. Yet, many are missing the mark.

The Father showed me a vision - the hearts of the people. They burned passionately for worship and thrived for ministry, yet had no direction. The hearts were full of excitement and passion, but had no discernment. They desired to be used, but had no assignment. Such is the Body of Christ in this hour.

So many are preaching the word, attending church services, serving and feeding the poor, yet have no relationship with the Father. God told me that His heart is grieved. "My people are attempting to worship Me without knowing Me." I felt the violation and disrespect of we have caused the Father.

The Father showed me weeks ago that many are being tormented by demonic forces because they are seeking a spiritual experience, rather than a godly one. Too many are moved by anything spiritual because there is a lack of discernment. Only those who have been intimate with God truly know His touch. Just as it was in the days of Paul, many are worshiping, going through the motions, yet don't know God. Their worship and sacrifice is to an "unknown god." Attending service Sunday after Sunday, but never felt a touch from God? Preaching revivals and conferences, but never heard a Word from the Father? Shouting and dancing in service, but crying yourself to sleep every night in the privacy of your own home?

My Daddy's sheep hear His voice and do not follow that of another. I dare the Church to stop settling for a mediocre "spiritual" experience. God is able to heal instantly without a need for weeks of prayer. Where are the healers who know their God? The Father is able to send a word with clarity and detail that will change, set free and deliver. Where are the prophets who know their God? Too many are doing "ministry" amiss. Too many are preaching without visiting the secret place of the Most High. Too many personal agendas are going forth with God's name stamped on them. Too many services are being held without God's counsel and instruction. God told me that when He calls forth a service, deliverance will take place - not just a fund-raiser.

Worshiping God by going through the motions is not worship to our Father. Why? Those who worship Him must do so in spirit and in truth. Have you had a worship experience without relationship with the Father? If so, you have entertained demons. In this season, be hot or cold. Find Him. Seek Him. Know Him.

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