Tuesday, April 24, 2007

No More Gossip and Trickery Disguised as Rebuke

I must preface this post with a short disclaimer:

  • I am operating as teacher and prophet in this post, because God is showing me a controlling spirit that must be exposed;
  • This post contains a warning for some, and teaching for others that will act as future protection from a trick of the enemy.

I know that some of what I will share in this message may contradict what many have been taught or told. Even as God began to redirect me through the Scriptures, I saw where I had operated in a false sense of order rather than simply following the protocol set forth in the Word of God. Let’s just say, it’s time to get free! Amen?

I must deal with rebuke and correction. Too many of God’s people are being held in bondage and disrespected all in the name of order and rebuke. Many weeks ago, the Father began taking me back to the Scriptures to reinstruct me in order, according to His word. I am one who has been held captive and bound because of a false order defined by the church. I’m praying this will help others in the same situation to get free and understand the true order of God.

First, I must say that any true man or woman of God will welcome GODLY rebuke and correction. The Father corrects those He loves, and as men of women of God, we should also love one another enough to correct our brothers and sisters when in error. In fact, God’s people should LOVE correction (Proverbs 12:1; 25:12; 27:5).

Revelation 3:19 says, “As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Therefore be zealous and repent.”

On the other hand, we must be careful to rebuke in order. Too many in the church are correcting others outside of God’s plan, and calling it order or respect due to their position or relationship within ministry. As a result, a yoke of bondage has been created over many true men and women of God. I know and understand this, because I have fought and continue to fight this oppression. In prayer, the Father spoke and said that I must bring this error to light, because many are operating in error unknowingly. Also, many are operating in gossip and trickery, but disguising it as the order of the “church.” Exposure must come, that judgment may follow in this case.

The order or protocol for rebuke and correction is made VERY CLEAR in the Bible. In Matthew 18:6-20, Jesus teaches His disciples about correction and how to handle offense. One of the first things highlighted in the passage is the instruction to go to the brother that commits an offense. The first order of rebuke and correction is to approach the person who is in error (v. 15). That person should be approached DIRECTLY. Rebuke by way of another is simply gossip with a motive to divide. If this is not accepted by the one who has offended, then witnesses should be brought to the person in an attempt to help them understand their error (v. 16). If the person still cannot be corrected in the company of witnesses, the matter should be brought to the entire church (v. 17). At that point, the body should consider putting the person away if repentance does not take place (v. 17-20). In nutshell, this is the proper order for personal rebuke.

Now, before I go on, I must address that rebuke to an entire body of people may take on a different protocol, according to the Scriptures. Even in this scenario, however, God has order. Those who are appointed in positions of leadership are called to correct and rebuke “bodies” or groups of people. We see many examples of this in the prophets of old. We also see the rebuke Paul gives to the churches through the many letters and epistles he wrote. In this case, however, I am addressing the correction of individuals.

Throughout the word of God, we are instructed to approach the one who has offended us or the Father and deal with them directly. The church has taught us that rebuke is okay through channels, and I must disagree. This is a warning that MUST go forth.

It is NOT the will of God for people to call pastors and leaders with rebuke for those in their body. This is outside of God’s order on MANY levels. Allow me to explain:

  • First, God has set leadership over individuals and the pastors are appointed as sheep over the flock. If the church operates in correct order, rebuke for an individual will be sent through that body of believers. Again, we have numerous examples from Paul himself, who walked in Apostolic order and authority. It was the leaders who called Paul, after rebuking the individuals in the churches to no avail. However, those appointed to leadership in the LOCAL churches had the responsibility and authority to correct their following.
  • If a person operates out of order and a brother or sister notices, it is their responsibility to go to that individual first – not their pastor, their husband, their mother (not talking about minors, here) or anyone else. This is where God has shown me a breach in the order He established.

I have been victim far too long and others have as well. For years and years, I have always had people approach my pastors for things they felt was wrong on my part. 99% of the time, these same individuals knew my name, email address and sometimes even my phone number. However, rather than contacting me, they contacted my leaders, my parents or someone else they knew to have authority in my life. OUT OF ORDER!

The church has taught that when it’s never out of order to approach a person’s leader about their error. This is not what the Scriptures say. In many cases, if these individuals had approached me, they would have understood from our conversation why things were as they appeared. Not only that, but they would have realized that they did not understand my motives, as they thought. They would have realized that one who doesn’t walk with me must be careful before attempting to pass judgment. Not only that, but they also would have learned that such matters don’t need to weigh down my leaders when they are so minute, and in many cases, simply non-existent. Now, had order been followed and I refused to see the error, it would THEN be in order to speak with my leaders and develop witness to convince me of my wrong. At that point, my leaders should be called to intervene and decide whether or not I have been in error. However, to completely avoid the one in whom you believe there is offense is nothing more than GOSSIP toward my leaders. It causes confusion, and God has already exposed the attempt to create discord and disconnection. That weapon will NOT prosper!

I see so many falling into this trap. Many of us are offended by our leaders, so instead of going to them directly, we talk with other leaders. Before you know it, the problem has grown into a monstrous situation that could have been resolved with one direct conversation with the one who offended. In most cases, it would have been found to be a misunderstanding. The enemy is using DISTRACTIONS to thwart the work of God’s people.

I see many leaders turning on those who follow them because other leaders are making accusations and painting pictures of rebellion that simply do not exist. Those on the outside looking in rarely have a clear glimpse of truth. I do believe God speaks to prophets, but a prophet NEVER speaks correction without the guilty party being present.

Let’s begin to practice and welcome GODLY rebuke and correction, according to the Word of God, that we may all GROW UP in Him unto all things…(Eph 4:15).

On a personal note, I must serve a direct warning. NO MORE EMAILS – NO MORE PHONE CALLS to others about so-called rebukes for Prophetess Allen. I believe in the order of God as opposed to man’s instruction for the church. I am also a person who understands how to accept rebuke and correction. If God has spoken to you about me, contact me. If you are truly called to set order, be mature enough to walk in order. If and only if I am rebellious and cannot accept correction should my pastors and leaders receive soliloquies of my disobedience and error. This goes for all others as well. Respect God’s people enough to walk in order rather than gossip, trickery and manipulation. AMEN.

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