Monday, April 09, 2007

Never Esteem Your Ministry Above Your Priesthood

As I drove home from work today, the Father spoke a word so clearly to me. For me, it was profound, and really dealt with some things that have been on my mind. While I don't claim this to be "word for word" what God said in my car, it's as close as I can get without adding my own thoughts to it. I pray this blesses you and speaks to you as the Father spoke it to me:

You and my Church - you have esteemed what you call ministry above your priesthood. Remember that you are priests first. I have called the singers, the dancers and the musicians. Yet, they are called to be priests first.

Remember – the singers and dancers minister only in the outer courts. They are not allowed behind the veil. Only the priests may stand in my presence. Only the priests may minister to me. You have esteemed what you call ministry more than your priestly assignment.

Your ministry is only a portion of who you are. I am not moved by the outer court. What you do outside my chamber is to usher my people into My presence. What you do outside my chamber is an offering I may choose not to receive. I open the door when I am drawn to your praise. Then, you are able to dwell in my presence where worship takes place. Do not lose focus. Do not compromise your priesthood for a gift. Never esteem your ministry above the priesthood.

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