Sunday, April 01, 2007

Prophets are SENT, so Stop Waiting to be Invited!

God reminded me of a very simple concept, though something I’d never really thought of. He reminded me, “Jesus was never invited to speak. Yet, He was sent with a message from Me, and proclaimed it everywhere He went.” As I meditated on what God said, I realized that no, Jesus never received an invitation to preach in the temple. He was only summoned by believers to heal, set free and deliver. Then, the question arose. “You are a prophet. Why wait to be invited before you open your mouth? I am sending you to proclaim my word!”

This is a short word of encouragement for the PROPHETS. You are commanded to GO, PROCLAIM and TEACH. There is a thin line between promoting one’s name and sending out the Word. Many of you have remained silent, because God sent avenues by which your voice could be heard. However, you allowed others to tell you that you were only trying to promote your own name and build your own ministry. For some of you, this was not the case as it is with many in ministry. For some of you, God wants you to launch out and seize every opportunity to proclaim His word. God has given us many tools to proclaim truth. Especially in this day of the internet, there is no excuse for the prophet to be silent. There is no excuse for the prophetic realm to be held back and dried up.

When we are invited, however, just as with the ministry of Jesus, miracles should take place! Hmmm… I’ll leave that alone for now…

Speak the word. Cry aloud, and spare not! THE SUCCESS OF YOUR MINISTRY DOES NOT DEPEND ON HOW MANY APPOINTMENTS YOU GET. Jesus was NEVER invited to preach the Word. Instead, he carried the word, and the people were drawn unto him. For those who feel your ministry is inactive and insignificant, know this… Some of the most powerful and profound revelations are lying with those whose calendars are BLANK.

Be encouraged. Speak in this season, and remember – PROPHETS ARE NOT CALLED TO BE SILENT. THEY DO NOT WAIT TO BE INVITED, BUT ARE SENT BY GOD. Who have you bombarded with a word lately?

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