Thursday, May 10, 2007

Worshiping an Unknown "god" (Continued)

I must add to this, because God is trying to bring us into some revelation and TRUTH! I am grieved at what I am seeing in the Church - people praising and attempting to worship amiss, based on tradition, superstition and religion. The biggest thing that stands out to me is the fact that so many claim to be called, gifted and sanctified when they don't even know the NATURE OF GOD. So many claim to hear from God, but there is no unity amongst those who "hear" about who God is.

Let me cut to the chase! I'm tired of the confusion, especially among the prophets. Some say we serve a God who is "three and one." Some say there are three separate beings in the Godhead, who are one in unity. Some say the Father, the Son and the Holy spirit are all God with no separation, equal in power and nature. Then, there are those who claim this is all a "mystery" not meant for us to understand.

I am baffled. There is no way that God would reveal Himself in so many different ways. SOMEBODY IS WRONG. SOMEBODY IS LYING. SOMEBODY HASN'T SOUGHT GOD AND HEARD DIRECTLY FROM HIM. This is a serious matter. My Bible tells me that God doesn't do anything without revealing the matter to His prophets. It also tells me that His sheep hear His voice, and will not respond to that of any other. This does not sound like a God that would keep a secret "mystery" from His people when it comes to His very identity.

God took me to Acts 17, because He gave me a very special experience and meeting with Him when I was a child, around 5 or 6 years old. Though it has been very difficult for me in the past, as well as others, I know God has truly revealed Himself to a remnant who must teach and proclaim His true nature in this hour. Look for more to come.

In the meantime, self-examination is a must! Do you really KNOW Him, or do you know OF HIM because of what Grandma and the church told you? Accountability... Discernment... Repentance. There are far more in the world, in ministry, on the internet, in your church that are worshiping a God they do not know nor understand than those with revelation of His nature, voice and personality. Where do you fit it?

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