Friday, January 19, 2007

Yes, You Have the Power, but Resist the Temptation

I am in prayer for the Body of Christ, particularly the leaders in this season. There is a shift of urgency in my Spirit. Literally, I can feel a changing of the guards. The Lord has shown me that this season must be one of preparation and rest. Even my Pastors have spoken about the "shift" they are feeling. A period of testing is coming forth - one of tribulation and pestilence as we have not seen before. We are about to enter a time when many will learn what it's REALLY like to have to depend on faith in our Father.

God has been showing me the trials of His leaders. This is a season of CHALLENGE for many. In the Body of Christ, there has been an atmosphere of criticism. Unfortunately, the challenge is not coming from the world, but from others in the Church. We are in a time where people have become too weak to engage in warfare with the enemy, so they choose to "show boat" their gifts by fighting against the brethren. Ahhh! God is saying, EXPOSURE. Motives are being evaluated. Integrity is being challenged. God is preparing His people for true battle.

This is a word for those who are being challenged. God said this is training ground. It's so easy for us to want to prove ourselves, and even God. Of course, we want others to believe the Father works through us and moves through us. Yet, in this season, we must be so careful to move only when God says to move. Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and the voice of our Father is so important. We must be careful not to allow our own motives to interfere with God's divine plan.

Mat 27:35 And having crucified him, they divided his garments, casting a lot, that it might be fulfilled that was spoken by the prophet, `They divided my garments to themselves, and over my vesture they cast a lot;'
Mat 27:36 and sitting down, they were watching him there,
Mat 27:37 and they put up over his head, his accusation written, `This is Jesus, the king of the Jews.'
Mat 27:38 Then crucified with him are two robbers, one on the right hand, and one on the left,
Mat 27:39 and those passing by were speaking evil of him, wagging their heads,
Mat 27:40 and saying, `Thou that art throwing down the sanctuary, and in three days building it , save thyself; if Son thou art of God, come down from the cross.'
Mat 27:41 And in like manner also the chief priests mocking, with the scribes and elders, said,
Mat 27:42 `Others he saved; himself he is not able to save! If he be King of Israel, let him come down now from the cross, and we will believe him;
Mat 27:43 he hath trusted on God, let Him now deliver him, if He wish him, because he said--Son of God I am;'
Mat 27:44 with the same also the robbers, who were crucified with him, were reproaching him.

The Word of God shows us that Jesus, the very Son of God, was challenged by His accusers as well. Many who had once walked with Him now stood to judge and to talent. The pressured Christ to "prove Himself" to them. He was well capable of doing so. He had the power and the authority. However, to prove Himself would have canceled out the very will of God.

Persecution is coming upon God's people, and it will increase all the more. Yet, we must be careful not to become obsessed with proving ourselves to others. The authority of anointed leaders is being challenged like never before. It has begun in the Church and will increase from the world. Prophets are being challenged to prophecy. Healers are being challenged to heal. Teachers are being commanded to teach. God is saying that His gifts were not designed under the command of man. His power is not subject to the authority of the flesh.

Saints of God, as you are being challenged, resist the temptation to operate in the Spirit realm simply because flesh has challenged you! Divination is spreading quickly, and exposure is coming. You do have the power, but resist the temptation. Do not yield your spirit to the flesh! Rather, seek God for His will and await His instruction. Though it is sometimes difficult to remember, we are not ordained to entertain men, but to do the work of the Lord. Never has God been a circus leader or a magician. To GOD be the glory!

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