Friday, January 05, 2007

Ministry is NOT a SOLO Project

Prov 11:14 Where no wise guidance is, the people fall, but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.

Ministry is NOT a solo project. Too many are trying to make names for themselves. Too many are trying to be right. So many are trying to "make it" and don't want to owe anyone else any credit. God is upset about the abundance of those trying to do the work of the ministry alone.

Did not His word say that He sets the solitary in families? Did not Jesus ordain the Five-Fold/Ascension gifts for the edification of the Body? Does the word not call for unity? Are we not all parts of the same Body, fitly joined together? GET OVER YOURSELF!

God is angry, because His people are trying to accomplish His work without following His gameplan. What man knows better than our God?

God is calling for His people to GET IN ORDER. The lack of accountability IS NOT OF GOD. Where is the submission? Many have walked away from God's plan and order, trying to create a new realm of ministry - it's not of GOD. Yes, you do need others. No, you cannot do this by yourself. The walk doesn't have to be lonely. You must be poured into. There is always someone gifted to assist you.

SPIRITUAL SUICIDE. This is what we commit when we decide to WALK ALONE. God has been speaking loudly about this. Disobedience with a goal to please God is still disobedience. What is the real motive?

God showed me so many who have been feeling alone, as if everyone is against them. God said He will begin to send godly counsel in this season. DO NOT TURN THEM AWAY AS YOU HAVE IN THE PAST. Not everyone is against you. Use discernment, but know that God is sending counsel, even to the Apostles in this season. Receive them, says God.

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