Sunday, January 07, 2007

Just Because I Love HIM...

This is not a deep, prophetic message. I don't even have a Scripture to share, but I must release this burden on my heart. I am so hurt for the Father I serve and the people who follow Him. Over the last few days, God has allowed me to feel His heart and see His children as He sees them. It grieved me. I am now in a place where I just want to please God, not because of what it will yield me, but simply because I LOVE HIM.

All over this country, I hear people preaching the Word of God with ultimatums. You need to serve God in order to get this blessing. You must serve God in order to avoid that curse. I want to be past seeking God for what I can get or even for what I will avoid by doing so. I want to please Him because I love Him that much! I want God to be pleased with me, because it hurts me to feel that I've disappointed Him.

The Church has become so numb to the heart of God. The Lord had me to meditate on the love for my natural children. I don't expect anything from them, but I love them. I go to work to feed and cloth them, not to make me look good, but because I just WANT to bless them. I spend time with them just because I enjoy their company. I rejoice when they rejoice. My heart hurts when they cry. In 20 years, they may become millionaires and bless me with houses or cars, or they may put me in a rest home or "pull the plug" when my health fails. Regardless of what the future holds, I just love them. Each day, I long for them to know how much. No matter what they do or don't do, I will always love and cherish them. If anyone hurts them, they will feel my wrath. The love is unconditional. Oh, when will our love for God return to this state?
How can we rejoice when God is grieved? How can we look with disdain upon our brothers and sisters when God is pleased with them or chooses to use them? What is the real motive?

My Pastor has been speaking about integrity, responsibility and accountability. It seems the Church has lost them all. Yet, I hear God saying, "If you truly loved me, these things would come automatically." God showed me that the first thing is COVENANT. My God! Covenant will make you walk with integrity, responsibility and accountability! Covenant will keep your mind off rewards and losses.

In our world, "covenant" has gone out the window. Marriages no longer mean anything. People are not even committed to their jobs and careers like they use to be. In my parents' generation, there was a sense of loyalty, even to a company. People would work for one place organization 20 to 30 years. Now, the company will lay you off to save money, and the employees will leave after 6 months if another business offers more. People change spouses like some of us change socks. Black and red wedding gowns are more popular than white ones. Children divorce their parents. My God - people aren't even loyal to nature. I don't care if you're an atheist - men cannot be with men and women cannot be with women. The puzzle pieces just don't fit!!! Homosexuality is not only against God, but it's against the natural make up of the human race. Men, where is your covenant to manhood. Put some bass in your voice and get a backbone. Get a job. Take care of your responsibility. Women, stop trying to be butch by day and a diva by night! Be a woman. Take care of your children. Clean something every now and then. Stop making everything an argument. Who cares about who is right? What does GOD feel?

Oh, my heart is grieved. I am offended for my God. I am ready to move to the next level. I'm not concerned with a name. I told God, I don't care who calls me a prophet from this day forward. It's not even about me. If they do it in a way to offend God, then I'll have something to say. Other than that, don't respect me because of who Joy is. If that's your reason, save it! Instead, respect me because it will please your Father. I just keep hearing God say to His people, GET PAST YOURSELF.

I challenge us in this season to just stay in God's face. Return to your first love. I remember when I first started dating my husband. I didn't care about his car or how much money he made. I only wanted to spend time with him. We'd stay on the phone 4 or 5 hours, and not even say anything. Why do we feel that God doesn't long for the same, if not more attention? Father, I don't care if you pay my light bill or not. I just want to spend time in your presence. I don't care if I get the new husband or wife or not. I just want to feel your near. Lord, even if you destroy this earth tomorrow, I'll be satisfied if I can spend my last moments with You!
When someone asks, "Joy, why do you do this? What keeps you going?," I want my honest response to be nothing more than, "Just because I love HIM."


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