Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Stop Throwing People Away

We have to be careful about "throwing people away" and "cutting folks off." It hurts my heart to see so many relationships full of love and joy 98% of the time, then completely thrown away over one misunderstanding. While it is true that some relationships are seasonal, that's no reason to end a "good thing" on a bad note. Since when did forgiveness and reconciliation become optional, especially for believers?

I hear so many preach "not everyone can go with you where you're going." Nevertheless, don't forget it was some of those same ones who gave you the momentum, the vision, the money, the resources, the time, the counsel and the encouragement to get there! Joshua and Caleb still needed Moses, and if they'd dismissed him over silliness, they too would have missed the Promised Land. In fact, they wouldn't even have known the right direction.


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