Friday, January 15, 2016

Get Lean

In the business world, Lean Six Sigma describes eight categories of waste. The goal of process improvement is to eliminate waste, thereby improving quality and profitability.

In the Kingdom of God, we too need to eliminate waste to improve impact and fruit that remains. If you can just see these areas spiritually... Wow! 

We serve a God who judges idol words and disobedience. Why? Because He's a God of PURPOSE. Everything He creates is GOOD, meaning that is has POTENTIAL that is manifested in FULFILLED PURPOSE. We, as the Church, must work to fulfill purpose in everything. That includes our time, our money, our words, our gifts, our efforts... everything! If it's not of purpose, it is WASTE. Waste does not produce fruit, and we have already been warned that anything, or anyone, not producing fruit will be cast away (Matthew 7:19).

Remove the waste, and let's get back to Kingdom business. We are created to be like Christ and to worship God. Everything else is... WASTE!

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