Monday, January 11, 2016

No Know-it-All's Allowed!

No ONE person knows everything. We need one another, not just those called as leaders in the church. We know in part. We prophesy in part.

Be careful of those who believe they should be the sole voice in your life. This is not biblical.

While discernment is certainly key, and we must be careful in seeking godly instruction, we shouldn't value it less when God speaks through someone without title or position. God has blessed us to be the Body of Christ, with every joint supplying, or every part (person) contributing. Let's appreciate one another, cherish one another and allow sharpening from one another.

If we truly understood the value of our brothers and sisters, we would never idolize leaders while crucifying fellow joint heirs.

God is so awesome! He wants to bless us through one another - not just a select few. Selah.

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