Friday, January 09, 2009

New Beginnings

A sister shared this with me this morning, and I just had to pass it on. It confirms what the prophets have been proclaiming and even what my Apostle shared recently. God is not playing in this season...

The EX Daily Word for January 8, 2009
New Beginnings, Pt. 4

Prov. 11:11 By the blessing of the upright the city is exalted: but it is overthrown by the mouth of the wicked.

Things have to change in 2009. People have to open their eyes and see what is really going on. The hype message won't work this year, because there is a crisis in the land and it is exposing the agenda of the false prophets. They lied to us all while the getting was good and preached that 2008 was the year of growth, wealth, and financial independence, and yet they are downsizing their staffs and letting employees go? They didn't see this bad economy coming and they wanted to pretend it was not going to happen, but it has. You see, when the music concerts and plays/dramas stop, the truth has to be dealt with and many of our pastors are not equipped to hear from God for real and preach the truth! They know how to entertain and bring a sermon, but do they really know how to prophetically prepare for the coming turmoil of our nation? Now many are cutting corners and trying to make ends meet and some are using get rich schemes and totally distorting the Gospel message of Christ. What happened to the plenty, the financial blessing, and the harvest? I have news for you people of God, if you have been standing for the truth and righteousness, don't worry, you will have plenty. If you have stood up for the right thing and shunned the false thing, you will be blessed in this hour. 2009 is the year that will separate the real from the fake. No longer will folks just sit under a homosexual pastor, preacher, or choir director and allow them to totally suck the spiritual life out of them. We can't sit back and just be entertained and you cannot entertain away the pain! Folks need God now and it takes those that really know how to get to him to stand in this hour. We can't sit under pastors and preachers that are for the money and not the lives any longer.

God is separating and starting with the church so I encourage you to pray and fast until you hear from God about your situation this year. I'm not talking about laying off of sweets and sodas for a couple of days but I'm talking about really pushing the entire plate away, turning off the entertainment and hearing the voice of God. We have wasted so much time chasing these false prophets of Baal and these mega church messes. It's time to find out where your meals will be coming from for real. The day of the Bishop flying in the jets, flossing on the Oprah show, and living the life of a rock star, while the congregation suffers from lack of Spiritual nourishment is over. That won't work in this hour people. People need a real Word, a real relationship with God and some real answers from the Sunday sermon! They need pastors that have good marriages, good children, and success in their own homes to lead them in the time of lack and turmoil. God is putting an end to the game and he is transferring the wealth in this final hour to those that have been faithful to stand for him. Don't sow another dime to a ministry that is lead by a carnal, selfish leader. If they are not leading Spiritually, then they are not your spiritual leader! Open your eyes saints. The hour is late. If you want a new beginning and God's favor in 2009, do what he says and you will be sustained!

Suggested Reading: Psa. 55:22, Neh. 9:21, Psa. 112:2-3, Prov. 10:22

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