Monday, September 29, 2008

Prophetic Word for the "Successful" in Ministry

Almost every day, I receive messages in my mailbox with instructions to "pass it on." Some are political warnings, that generally turn out to be false. Others are prosperity messages that promise a massive payout depending on the number of message recipients. Still others have instructions to pray, only so that a financial miracle can take place.

Well, this message is different. This message is a word of warning for all of us who are in ministry. God is speaking to HIS people about our motives and our misunderstanding of TRUE MINISTRY. Ministry is not a means to our own selfish ends. Nor is it a ticket to fame and fortune. God is still looking for HOLINESS, SACRIFICE and LOVE.

He is disappointed, because He's given us so many ways to prepare for the return of Christ, but we are missing the assignment. Look at all our websites - bios and calendars, but rarely do we see a true Gospel message. We have broadcasts on the Word Network, TBN and our local cable channels. But rather than preach salvation, we take that opportunity to sell products and run commercials about our fundraising conferences. God, have mercy on us!

Please watch the attached video in its entirety, especially if you respect and consider me a friend. Understand that God has called each of us for a specific purpose - one of those is to be our brother's keeper. That's why we must share this prophetic message. Rather than promising a dollar for every person you forward this to or a miracle by mail, I can promise you this - In sharing this message, you will wash the blood off your hands for someone who needs a reminder directly from the throne room of God. So, please forward it on to all you know who are in ministry, and lift them in prayer as you are doing so. The motive, this time, is not a game nor a gimmick - just to redirect our focus to giving GOD the glory.

Be blessed!

Your sister in Christ,
Joy Allen

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