Monday, April 07, 2008

What Happened to the Gospel?

God has had me in a peculiar place over the last few weeks. I have been blessed and humbled to sit at the feet of many powerful women of God, and continue to do so as God leads and allows. I thank God that He's shown me so much and granted so much revelation. He's dealing with me in many areas, as I'm preparing to move forward in ministry.

In spite of all that I'm learning, however, I've had an opportunity to sit back and observe. I am learning to operate in the place of the watchman, and see the deception that is so prevalent in the church. I have heard awesome, encouraging messages and seen people rejoice in God, yet I also see and hear the enemy rejoicing. Deliverance has been stifled because people are being encouraged and uplifted, but are not being called to repentance.

What has happened to the Gospel? When was the last time you heard Christ preached, and Him crucified? What is the Gospel to you? Certainly, we teach about order, but why do we hear more about honoring the man or woman of God more than honoring God? Why are we more concerned about the sacrifices of our leaders than the work of Jesus on the cross? How many more cliches, movies and R&B song revelations do we need? How long will we seek a gimmick? Is the Gospel of Jesus Christ too boring for His own people?

The truth is this - many leaders, preachers and ministers are content where they are, because the people are content. You see, we are all responsible. Week after week, there are pastors who squawl, hoop and holler, but have no message of salvation or deliverance. Yet the churches are packed, because the people of God seek to be entertained rather than delivered. Just thing - what is the last message you remember hearing or delivering? The true saints of God must stand up at some point and demand the meat of the Word. Revival and revolution are needed in this season! Won't you become a catalyst?

I see how the enemy has stormed in. I see the deception. Emotions are stroked. People feel good about themselves, and are bound for hell - straight from the church. What has happened to the Gospel? I vow to preach it. I vow to speak what the Father says to speak - in rhema and logos. I will demand to hear truth. My desire is not to have my ears tickled, but to solidify my eternity in heaven.


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