Friday, March 07, 2008

The Mouth of the Witch

I must share the word of the LORD this morning – a revelation that God spoke for His people, including myself. The Father told me that leaders must be careful of what they speak concerning other leaders due to PERSONAL disagreements, rather than spiritual ones. Too many of God’s people are using their influence to turn the saints away from those who were sent to help them. They are using their mouths as tool of control – witchcraft to manipulate and influence the thoughts of God’s people toward His set and appointed leaders.

As leaders in the Body of Christ, we are called and ordained to expose and correct sin. However, this judgment must take place in the spirit rather than the flesh. Oftentimes, natural dissention is initiated, though we attribute it to a spiritual cause that simply doesn’t exist. Too many leaders are using the godly influence and power they’ve been given to spread the poison of their natural opinions rather than revelation from godly discernment.

One who is mature in God understands how to separate feelings and opinions of the flesh from the anointing of God and His Holy Spirit within a person. Though I may have a problem with a brother or sister, I should be able to see and respect the calling on their life. I may have personality conflicts with another minister, but I should connect with the Holy Ghost within them.

Again, we are not speaking of SIN here. We are speaking of personal vendettas and issues amongst the brethren. We have all seen it. A person leaves a pastor’s church. They are not living in sin. They may have made some mistakes, but they are living a holy life before God and are called to ministry. Why is that 5 years later, that pastor is still telling members of the church not to speak to the individual? They are still spreading poison. Even in the case where sin was involved, how many times do leaders ask God before continuing to label a person? How is it that we preach repentance, but don’t believe anyone else can repent and change, aside from ourselves?

Regardless of my PERSONAL feelings, if I know a godly woman with a gift of healing and tell my sick friend not speak to them because they hurt my feelings, I have operated outside of God’s will. I have used my mouth, out of which flows the power of life and death, to condemn one who could have ministered deliverance. I have operated in ungodly control – witchcraft!

God said, “The mouth of the witch is destroying the Body.”


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