Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dream Post

Received instruction to share this dream from April 17, 2008...

In the dream, I went on a trip to the beach. I remember it was to be at some resort in VA. The strange thing is that there were some of my co-workers and some of my church members there. While at the resort hotel, I was playing pool with a lady I’d met in the lobby. I remember the pool tables because the balls were not pool table balls at all. They were miniature heads in four colors – red, blue, yellow and green. We were getting frustrated, because they would not roll like normal balls should. I looked around the room and noticed that at some tables, the billiard balls were round, but smaller than normal. Only one table had the normal billiard balls, and it was occupied.

There was a man who approached our table, and asked if his wife, who was nursing could sit at the table. I told him that I knew where some smaller tables were, so I walked across this HUGE ballroom, full of people, and pulled a small, folding table out of the corner. I returned it to him, and he thanked me. While I was walking, my pool partner had gone on a break, so I began walking around the room. At the back of one room, there was a door to the outside, but I saw clouds out the door. As I got closer, it was like the door exited right onto the beach.

I walked out the door, and when I got outside, the scene changed. We were now boarding one of those small, propeller planes to go site-seeing. I had my camera around my neck, and there were about 15 people on board. I remember the plane ride took about 30 minutes, and the pilot told us we were going to see something we’ve never seen before. He talked about how beautiful it would be and how it would change our lives. When we landed, there was an old country, souvenir store and what looked like a swamp – but it was very bright. It was beautiful. There was nothing else. When we were off the plane, the pilot said he returned every hour, but we only had one chance to return. It seemed strange that we could only return on the very next flight, since he came every hour, but no on else questioned it, so I remained quiet.

The lady who ran the little store came out to welcome us and told us we’d be going on a small tour of this beautiful site. I pulled my camera out and checked to make sure I had a memory card and a charged battery. We began to walk around this lake. It looked like a large lake with sand around it and woods – nothing more really, but it was just so beautiful. Suddenly, we heard thunder, and it immediately got foggy. The lady turned pale and looked extremely afraid. She then disappeared into the little store.

The rest of us remained and looked into the sky. What we saw was phenomenal. In fact, everyone there but me seemed to become possessed. The sand we were standing on became like soap suds, yet we weren’t sinking. The others began floating and walking on the water. Their skin was pale. I looked around, and my first instinct was to take pictures. I wasn’t afraid, but I was very confused. I looked in the sky and saw seagulls that turned to hawks and owls in mid-air. I saw rams walking across the water, though none of this was there before. The clouds were moving up and down like elevators. Then, I saw a transparent being that looks like the angels we see in stores today – pretty face, white robe and two wings. When I looked at it, I realized the others were staring and thought they’d seen a real angel. I knew at that moment that it was a trick. When the angel saw me looking at it, it quickly sprung into the air. Then, the clouds cleared up. The sun came out again, and all the people returned to their regular state. No one could remember anything except seeing something in the sky that looked like an angel. They couldn’t remember any of the other things I’d seen.

Suddenly, the store owner was back and led us into the store. She told us we had a few minutes to shop before the plane would return and warned that we must not miss this plane. I began looking for my kids, and I remember seeing a toy box that looked like a train. It was $4.99, but I put it back on the shelf. I then walked into a back room of the store. It looked like an apartment. Once I got to the back, I heard the engine of the train, so I ran out along with the others. There was another group coming off the plane and heading to the lake/swamp we’d visited before. However, the pilot was drinking and he did not allow us on the plane. He laughed and talked about how he’d felt sorry for us, then he left.

Frantic, the store owner rushed us back into the store (not including those who were headed to the lake). She kept saying, “They are coming. You will die if you are not covered.” So we all scrambled to the back of the store (which was her home) and began looking for places to hide. We were all told to get UNDER something. I asked her if I could hide in the closet, and she said that wasn’t good enough. Instead, she told me to get into the tub, and cover up with the shower curtain. She told us to make sure we were completely covered. This didn’t make sense to me. I thought I’d be safer in a closed, locked closet than in an open bathtub covered only by a piece of plastic, but I didn’t argue. After everyone was covered, she ran to the front to hide as well.

Then, we heard the same rumbling we’d heard at the lake – like a lot of strong winds. Then, the sun went down and it got dark. We heard footsteps and felt a breeze come through the house. I heard a strong voice rebuking people – condemning them for their actions, and they would simply scream and fade away – as if they were disappearing or being pulled away. I heard it, but didn’t see anything since I was hiding. When the voice got to the bathroom, there were others hiding under rugs, towels, etc. One peeked, and the person in the room immediately saw their sin. My back was sticking out, though I didn’t know it, until I felt the shower curtain ripped from over me. To my surprise, I saw two black women dressed in beautiful Italian suits. I looked, though afraid, right into this woman’s eyes. There was another woman standing beside her. The voice changed, and she sounded only like a woman now. She looked at the other and said, “She is a prophet. We can’t touch her.” She offered her hand and helped me up and out of the bathtub. She announced, “Why didn’t you say there was a prophet here. We cannot operate here.” With that, others began uncovering, and the women walked out the door. As soon as they left, everything returned back to it’s original state – a beautiful lake emptying into the ocean, with the sun out.

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