Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Spiritual Exodus is Coming to the Body

God has shown me a large exodus of his people taking place in 2008. I saw the modern-day saints, the remnant, as the children of Israel escaping Egypt. In the spirit realm, God’s people are being set free from bondage.

I saw the saints being released from what the world considers success. I literally saw God’s people being laid off, losing jobs and homes, being forsaken by family and falling into financial turmoil. The things that have kept God's people in bondage are being removed. The excuses are be annihilated. As they were leaving their places of what seemed to be prosperity, the people became weary and worried. Yet, God began to supernaturally supply their needs as they were freed from slavery to the things of the world.

God is calling His people to true ministry – absolute reliance on the Father. A season of great faith is upon us. God is going to completely strip some of the saints that must rise. The voices that must be heard in the next season will not be backed by money and mega-churches. The anointing and the favor of God will be their only assets. The ways of the world will be forsaken. Saints of God, prepare to be blessed in a realm beyond your understanding. Get ready to have joy without the success of the world and the standards of this nation. Many of you will see loss in the natural, followed by elevation in the spirit realm. I hear God saying that you shall not lack in you lack! Do not store up. Do not panic. Your latter shall be greater, says the LORD.

The days are upon us where men shall buy without money. Your daily bread shall be supplied, and you shall prosper, but outside of your natural means. The time has come when God’s people shall truly live by faith.

I see many in the forefront of what we call ministry falling into financial distress. Money will no longer be used to measure anointing. The prosperity era in the church will be challenged in this season, and the anointing shall prevail. God is about to baffle the world with His people. True power is coming to the forefront. The world will see the salvation of the Lord as recession and distress come upon the land. Do not look back to that which kept you in bondage. Continue in the ways of our God and remain encouraged. The remnant shall be covered, and will not be left to die.

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