Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Called to Spiritual Warfare? Do You Ever Win?

God spoke so clearly to me this afternoon as I sat at my office desk. I was thinking about all the “trainers” and “leaders” I’ve had in my life and all the “lessons” I received in spiritual warfare. God has been reminding me over the last few weeks about ministry He has called me to, and I realized that I have veered off, caught up by many distractions. I am moving forward with a fresh mission to RETURN and fulfill the purpose I have missed in ministry, part of which is spiritual warfare.

God reminded me that He doesn’t call us to battle against the enemy and allow us to lose. Somehow, the Body of Christ has accepted the idea that when we engage in spiritual warfare, we are “meant” to lose some battles. NOT SO!

God has reminded me of some training and is rebuilding some of the faith, power and godly boldness I lost because of the lies heard from “church folk.” It was once said that those who can do, and those who can’t teach. While I don’t agree completely with this statement, I see it often in the Body of Christ. Many are teaching in areas where they themselves are failures, thereby teaching others that it’s okay to “miss.”

That’s not good enough in this season! I will not settle for such a ministry. I believe there are others who will refuse the mediocre as well. I pray this encourages those of you who claim to have ministries of deliverance. I pray it will challenge those who operate in spiritual warfare. In all your praying, all your fighting and all your struggle, HAVE YOU EVER WON? That’s what God is asking me today. What is your record?

Training is the only way to improve the statistics. When boxers begin to lose rank due to losses, they go into training. Then they practice. They lose weight and build muscle. They eat strategically and talk to themselves to build ego and anger toward the opponent.

Some of us have had some losing battles lately. There’s some sin we came up against, and it’s still present. We attempted to cast out some demons that never left. We’ve laid hands on some people, but didn’t see them healed. Some of us need to step out of the forefront and go back into training. We need to practice – deliver some folks in our own homes and churches before taking on the world. We need to lose the heaviness of tradition. We need to fast and get back into the Word. We need to encourage ourselves in the Lord.

Let me just share a very personal thing I went through last week. Perhaps none of you can relate, but I must expose this to set myself free – AMEN. Last week, I continuously asked God if I could stop calling myself a prophet. I had two reasons – (1) I didn’t want to be associated with all the other “prophets” floating around and (2) I have not reached the level in the prophetic that I know God is calling me to. In fact, I have lost much of my confidence as a prophet. It’s not because I doubt my calling or the gift. I know that I hear from God and know He shows me things (dreams, visions, etc.). The gifts have been in operation since birth. It’s realizing the authority to speak and having the faith of God to watch the atmosphere take shape – those are the challenges. Of course, God has not allowed me to escape the assignment, but I allowed to do one thing – walk in honesty that others can be encouraged. I'm ready to go to the next level - anyone ready and willing to go with me?

Now, with that said, God has not called or assigned His people to fail. He puts no more on us than what we can bear, so the excuses for SLOPPY ministry must cease. The signs and wonders MUST come forth. The prophecies WILL come to pass. The sick and lame SHALL be healed.

In your warfare, how many battles have you won?

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