Friday, May 12, 2006

The Jonah Complex

Modern Prophets Coveting the Judgment Seat of God

Many times I sit in my car or in my office meditating on the Word of God. In the midst of that, He will give me clarity or a prophetic word relating to whatever it is I have been lead to read at that time. This evening, the Lord told me to be careful of the “Jonah Complex.” It’s funny, but I knew exactly what He was speaking of. Many times, I have to ask for clarification, but not this time. Now, this was a word for ME, but I feel lead to share it, because I’m sure there are others who can benefit from it. Amen?

Jon 1:1 And there is a word of Jehovah unto Jonah son of Amittai, saying:
Jon 1:2 `Rise, go unto Nineveh, the great city, and proclaim against it that their wickedness hath come up before Me.'
Jon 1:3 And Jonah riseth to flee to Tarshish from the face of Jehovah, and goeth down to Joppa, and findeth a ship going to Tarshish, and he giveth its fare, and goeth down into it, to go with them to Tarshish from the face of Jehovah.

So many times, the Lord has given me orders to go to a particular place or face a group of people in order to speak against their transgressions. Yet, instead of obeying, I went in a completely different direction. Too many times…on too many occasions. Like Jonah, I failed to remember two very important things:

1) I cannot run from God;
2) When I am disobedient, it will cause a storm in someone else’s life.

Yes, while the first point is easily accepted, how many of us don’t think about how the intended recipient suffers due to an UNDELIVERED word? Can I be honest? I’ve often thought, “Lord, if you send me to give a word of warning, they will then be held responsible. If I don’t go, maybe it will buy them some time.” Not so. See, God had to show me that many times, the prophet is sent because prior warnings were not heeded. That’s why we must have a face like flint…that’s why we can’t look on their faces and be intimidated. I must be real. I’ve got to GET OUT OF GOD’S BUSINESS. How many of us still question what He does and what He says? Is He not God?

All because of Jonah’s disobedience, the sea began to rage and every passenger on the boat suffered the violence of the storm. How many are being tossed and fro because of my disobedience or yours? Do we not realize that we can curse a situation by not delivering the Word of God? Yes, a sin of omission is just as bad as a sin of commission. Disobedience is still better than sacrifice.

Jon 4:1 And it is grievous unto Jonah--a great evil--and he is displeased at it;
Jon 4:2 and he prayeth unto Jehovah, and he saith, `I pray Thee, O Jehovah, is not this my word while I was in mine own land--therefore I was beforehand to flee to Tarshish--that I have known that Thou art a God, gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and abundant in kindness, and repenting of evil?
Jon 4:3 And now, O Jehovah, take, I pray Thee, my soul from me, for better is my death than my life.'
Jon 4:4 And Jehovah saith, `Is doing good displeasing to thee?'

Now, this is where Jonah really reminds me of myself. In the 3rd chapter, the Bible tells us that God gave him instruction, once again, on what message to deliver to Ninevah. This time, he is obedient and takes the word he feared delivering. To his surprise, the people RECEIVE it. One might think Jonah would be happy…NOT!

Deep down inside, I believe Jonah expected opposition. Once the people repented, he was mad with God. People of God, let’s get delivered together. Let’s just be real. There are some people I simply don’t like, yet God is sending them a word through me as His prophet. Some of them are going to receive it and get right. Can I handle that? Can you handle that? Can we handle our enemies receiving from the Lord and ending up better off than we are? Can we handle our loved ones getting saved and surpassing us in miraculous works? Can we handle our ex-husbands and ex-wives getting hold to God and walking into prosperity? Ahhh…more flesh that has to die!

Even atop of that, notice Jonah’s excuse for being upset. He feels that his word has been discredited. The people heeded the word given to him, changed and therefore received mercy from the Father. Rather than rejoicing in the victory, Jonah is upset. He tells God this is the very reason he didn’t want to deliver the word in the first place. How many of us have been called to deliver a word, and God completely brought that person out of a dry place? Then, our concern is, “God, why did you make me look stupid…like I can’t hear from You?” Uh oh, there is it again…PRIDE…FALSE HUMILITY. We act like we wanted God to bring forth wrath to protect His word and to set the house in order. Let’s face it…for some of us, it feels good to see others corrected. That brings back a thought…WHO is the measure of your holiness? Yes, seeing others in a seemingly lesser state often makes us feel more secure, but that’s not God’s way. We cannot measure our holiness next to any man…just Jesus Christ.

One of the hardest things for us to do is stand on the Word of God, even when it seems to be wrong. This goes for the written Word (logos) and the spoken Word (rhema) alike. We must learn to walk in obedience and stop trying to judge and/or predict God’s actions. Let Him be God.

As I before stated, this was for ME, yet I pray it is a blessing to someone else who may be dealing with the same thing. I know there are some Ninevah’s in my life. Deep down inside, I know it will be difficult to see some of them prosper. Even moreso after the Word comes forth from my own mouth, but to GOD be the glory. Pray for me on this one, saints. The Jonah Complex within me must die! This is where I struggle within the office of the Prophet, especially because there is so much Teacher in me. Yes, I try to reason with EVERYTHING. Yes, I’m guilty. I want to know God’s entire war plan before taking care of one battle. It’s like I’m a sniper, and I see the enemy. I have a clear shot, yet I don’t just shoot. Instead, I start asking questions. Yes, this is my dilemma. God is telling me to hear and proclaim. That’s it! PLEASE pray for and with me on this. AMEN

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