Thursday, May 11, 2006

"...but thou shalt conceive..."

Matthew 25:23
Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord

God bless you!

The LORD gave me a word of encouragement this morning for some who have been waiting patiently for the birth of ministry within you. Some of you know you are called to a great work, but you have not been able to see it come into fruition. You may not know where to start, or you may have "failed" in the past. This Word is for you... God took me to Judges 13, where the Bible tells us of an angel prophesying to Manoah and his barren wife.

"Manoah" is a Hebrew word for "rest." It is sometimes translated as "a quiet, settled spot." In the Scriptures, Manoah and his wife are told that they shall bring forth a son, who shall be dedicated as a priest. Along with the promise comes some conditions. Manoah's wife is not to drink any strong drink, and she is not to eat any unclean food. When the child is born, he is to be dedicated back to the LORD as a Nazarite, so no razor should ever touch His head.

God said to tell His people that He sees those who are as Manoah. Many of you have "rested in God." You abide in the secret place of the most High. You have become content in His presence and have not sought personal glory. Yet, you want to be used of God. Some of you have tried "ministry"'ve tried to pastor churches, set up outreaches, evangelize in your cities, etc., but the odds were always against you - not enough support, not enough finances. Now is the season to MOVE AGAIN. God said, "You have been barren, but you shall conceive." Glory to God.

Do not be discouraged when you see those who are seemingly successful in ministry, but have not real relationship with the Father. Do not covet their fame, glory or riches. You shall conceive and birth ministries pleasing to the Father. Yet, you must not be tainted by the world. You cannot be influenced by popularity and wealth - the material things that many have claimed by prostituting God's people. You must dedicate the work unto the Father. And do not allow anyone or anything to cut down or destroy the vision that is within you. I hear God saying, NO TURNING BACK!

Also, just as Samson was called to deliver his people from bondage, your ministry will bring you into a place of freedom. Yes, Samson's people were brought under the bondage of the Philistines because they did evil in the sight of the Lord. God is showing me that these ministries will literally break generational curses. Get ready for your loved ones to be delivered when you step forth into the work of the Lord! Do not be surprised when those who once shunned you now call and ask you for prayer, or become members of your churches. Yet, remain humble and receive them in love.

I know this word is not for everyone, but I pray it will bear witness with those it is meant for. Whenever a battle goes forth, fortresses are set up. They are established for refuge and as a point to look out upon the horizon. A fortress is fortified, and established by the military. Oftentimes, even in a battle, the enemy is reluctant to attack a fortress. Fortresses, COME FORTH! Go, letting men see your good works, that they may glorify your Father, who is in heaven!


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