Monday, April 10, 2006

WHO is the Measure of Your Holiness?

This is the Word of the LORD for His prophets. When He spoke this to me this afternoon, it stung, and the Lord instructed me to share it with the other prophets - those who are truly seeing and hearing from Him in this season...

God said "Do not get complacent." Many of us are seeing the sins of the saints, because He has opened our eyes. God is allowing us to see the transgressions of the people so we can give warning and bring godly correction. However, the Lord showed me that because of what we are seeing, many of His prophets have a false sense of security in Him.

God is asking, "Who is the measure of your holiness?" I asked Him to explain exactly what He was asking. "Does not my Word instruct you to be holy, because I am holy? Instead of measuring your lack of holiness by the measure of my Son, you are measuring it by the sins of my people." Yes, the Lord said many of us have a false sense of security because we should be striving for complete holiness, like that of our the holiness demonstrated by Jesus. Instead, though, we see the sins of others and feel that we are alright because we are seemingly better off than those we have been called to correct.

The Lord even began to show me marriages. God showed me friendships. He showed me churches and ministries. So many who were righteous are falling simply because they see the shortcomings of others, and thereby judge themselves to be more holy, thereby becoming complacent, comfortable...stagnant! We must be so careful not to get puffed up when we see the sins and shortcomings of others. In this season, we "not think more highly of ourselves than we ought." "Be sober minded. Be vigilant. For our adversary, the devil, is roaming and seeking whom he may devour." The very elect are being deceived in this season.

Prophets of God, we are called to see and even to judge. Yet, the ENTIRE Word of God is true. With whatever measure we judge another, the same judgment will be upon us. Will we be able to stand?

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