Sunday, April 09, 2006


Just this morning, the Lord was speaking to me. He said it's time for those who carry His Word to go back into the incubator. This was interesting to me, because I always thought an incubator was only for the immature - pre-mature babies, eggs, etc.

God showed me this is not always the case. The incubator is just for those that need to be PROTECTED, regardless of their level of maturity. God brought my attention to myself and so many others in ministry who are being tainted by THE CHURCH. Yes, "the saints"...the "church folk." God is calling many of us into ALONE TIME WITH HIM. He wants some of us to be ALONE, yet not LONELY.

We have to realize that when God calls us to do a specific work, especially those in the Five-Fold, we must be very careful. So many who are disguised as the Ministry will cause you fall into SPIRITUAL SIN, just as the Apostle taught here. God says, "Incubate Yourself." Talk only to those He tells you to converse with. Go only where He tells you to go...and yes, this includes CHURCHES. "There is a way that seems right unto a man, but the end thereof is death."

This is how the prophecy will be fulfilled that says even the very elect will be deceived. So much looks like God, but He says it is tainted. God wants us to press into Him in this hour. INCUBATE YOURSELVES. Eat only what God gives us to eat. Listen to only what God gives us to hear. Watch only what God gives us to see. For many of us, it is time to get ALONE. God will meet us in our "alone" place.

The Lord even told me that I talk to my Pastor too much! Yes. Now, my Pastors are truly anointed people. Yet, God told me that I cannot talk to them more than I talk to Him! Okay, let's get real! INCUBATE YOURSELF! There's nothing wrong with talking to spiritual leaders and friends in the ministry, but even then we cannot lose focus. You may understand their vision - catch their revelations - but have you missed what God had for YOU?

My God! Thus says the Lord, "INCUBATE YOURSELVES, and I will not leave you lonely!" To GOD be the glory!

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