Monday, September 05, 2005

A Word of Prophecy for America

My dear American Friends,

The events in your country have been on my heart. This morning I felt the Lord was speaking the following word to your nation. I am not a person who sends out prophetic words at the drop of a hat, but this is heavy on my heart. I know that many have spoken into this area, and that many have recognized the sin of the nation, but it seems that God is saying here that the root is much deeper. It may seem easy for me to say these things from here on the other side of the world in Australia (although I believe judgement is heading for this nation also), but perhaps it had to be someone from outside of your country to say this.

Any way, here it is. Please feel free to judge it, and if you believe it is God please feel free to forward it to whomever you feel you should.

Love & blessings,

Lynn Fowler
Glory to the King Ministries International


I am contending with The United States America.

I raised this nation from its birth. I tended it and cared for it, I clothed it in beauty and arrayed it in finery. I brought it up to prominence, and placed it at the head of the nations, that it might show forth My glory and My truth to the nations, leading them in righteousness and the way of the Lord.

Instead, you have raised up an idol for yourselves, calling it “The United States of America”. You have placed it above My throne, and you have bowed before it and said, “Here, o citizens, is your god who has brought you out of captivity. Here is your god who has given you riches and power. Here is your god who shall rule your lives, and this god only shall you worship.” Like Nebuchadnezzar you have looked about you and said, “Look at this great empire that we have built for our glory.”

Instead of showing forth My glory to the nations, you have presented to them the glory of the USA. Instead of holding before them My righteousness, you have led them in your own corruption. Thus My Name has been blasphemed by the heathen on account of you. Even when I began to bring My warnings against you, you did not turn to Me, but to your idol and its strength, at the same time bowing before the god of the very nations that I had used against you, and those of the other nations of the world.

Know this: I am about to topple this god from its throne. I will no longer tolerate this god taking my place, and claiming for itself all that I have done for you. I will bring this god to destruction, that you may see that it is powerless before Me.

I call upon the people of this nation to turn from their idol, to turn to Me in brokenness and repentance, and to acknowledge that it is I alone who have brought them the freedom and prosperity they enjoy, not their idol the USA. I call on them to return to My righteousness and My truth, to give Me back My place in the institutions of this nation, and to return to basing the laws of this nation on My law. If you will turn as a nation in true repentance, if you will come back to Me, there is still time. I will yet separate this nation from its idol, and will raise this nation to be what I first intended for it to be.

Yet if you will not repent, if you will not separate yourselves from this idol, if you insist on continuing to find your identity in this idol instead of in Me, then I will destroy this nation along with the idol to which you have chosen to join yourselves. Choose now, for the time is very short. What you have seen so far has not been My judgment, but only My warnings. If you choose My judgment, you will find that my warnings will seem like flea bites in comparison.

I call upon My watchmen, I call upon those whom I have called to stand in the gap, to cry out to Me for this nation while there is still time. For the day is coming soon when I will shut the mouths of My intercessors, when My word to them will be “Do not pray any more to Me for this nation.” When I do, you will plead with Me for the chance to intercede for this nation, but it will be too late, and the blood of this nation will be upon your hands. Do not wait till then. Cry out to Me now.

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