Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Stop Playing Dead

Last night, I had a dream that spoke volumes to me.  I was running from an attacker who was trying to kill me.  I was so afraid that I never looked to see if he had any weapons.  While I was running, I didn't even know his face… only that I was in danger.

After running for quite some time, I finally ducked into a corner and hid.  The attacker slowed down and began looking for me.  Finally, he found me and pulled me out onto some concrete.  He started kicking me.  I was so afraid that I never even noticed he was unarmed.  So, I played dead, hoping he would spare me, and he did.  Eventually he ran off.

I lay there, playing dead, until police arrived.  With them, of course, was the assailant.  When I looked at him, I knew immediately… he was absolutely NO THREAT.  In fact, if I hadn't run, he would have never chased me.  IT WAS A CASE OF MISTAKEN IDENTITY.  If I'd stood up for myself and allowed him to see my face, he never would have attacked.  He simply thought I was someone else!!!  Now, I was upset and embarrassed.  Why did I run, in the first place?  Why was I afraid?  Why did I give up life, even for a moment, by playing dead?  Why didn't I show him who I was?

The Lord spoke very clearly to me about the same.  He said His people need to stop playing dead.  Within the church walls and without, fear has gripped God’s people, and many are rendering their voices silent due to fear that is unsubstantiated.  Because we are afraid to be judged, afraid someone will not like us, afraid our character will be attacked… we play dead.  Not only are we silent, but we actually act as if we have no anointing, no call and no assignment.

If you are born again, you have a voice that God wants to use.  The Holy Spirit wants to be expressed through us.  Why do we act as if we have nothing to contribute?  For some of us, the enemy has caused us to believe in a threat that isn't even present.  We disobey God because of what MIGHT happen… because of what someone MIGHT do… because of what they MIGHT say or think.

In all actuality, if we would just obey God, others will see HIM in us.  Whether they accept us or not, our willingness to be used of God also guarantees our protection.  Many of us are enduring persecution for all the wrong reasons... simply because people don't know who you are in Christ.  You have been mistaken for someone else... someone who is weak and powerless.  Stop it!

Stop playing dead!!!  Let me help you… DENYING YOUR POWER AND YOUR CALL IS NOT HUMILITY!  You are very much alive.  You have a voice.  You have a call.  You are anointed.  Stop running.  Stop hiding.  Live and share the life that is in you!


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