Thursday, December 04, 2014

Deception, Even when Justified, is Still a Lie!

We, as leaders in the Church of Jesus Christ, monitor and tailor our messages a lot, based on the fact that some may abuse, twist, or misrepresent what we say. God would remind us that we are NOT called to the disobedient, except to bring correction. We are called to teach and nurture those who hear and obey the voice of God.

I have been "cautioned" many times that people will take my messages and run with them... that I am causing havoc in the church. I've been told by many leaders that while they are aware of the truth about a certain subject, that they can't preach the truth, because the people can't handle it. Deception, even with a justification, is still a lie!

If we are aware of some who will twist and abuse the truth, we need to rebuke those few.  We DO NOT deceive others to keep the exception under control.  That's crazy!

Speak the truth. Let God deal with those who may abuse the message. Stop sacrificing the good of God's remnant out of caution for those who don't obey Him anyway.


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