Friday, September 05, 2014

Church Spies?

Excuse my vent, but really?

We have "spies" in the church now?  There are literally people to think it their duty to watch and listen to everything you say and do just so they can report it to someone that will hopefully bring you down?  Let me say, I'm not at all angry.  In fact, I'm not even surprised.  I am tickled pink... amused, though disappointed.  It's simply disturbing that we have people spending time looking for the faults in others -- not sinners or liars, but those doing Kingdom work -- just so they can report it with the intent to sow discord.

If anyone wants to know what I'm doing, just ask.  I'm an open book.  I make mistakes, but I'm not at all ashamed of the works God has called me to do nor the words He commands me to speak.  Please know that I love God's people.  I'm not hiding anything.  If anyone wants to know anything (and has the right to know), just ask.

With that said, leaders, please be encouraged.  This is just part of the call!  Be careful of those who speak on your behalf and be just as careful of those who are quick to whisper in your ear about what another is doing.  We don't have time to attack one another.  "If a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand!"

We have a Savior to watch for.  We should be preparing His Bride.  We need to know them that labor among us so we will not be distracted by every report.  Most of all, we must walk in integrity.  Remember, every tongue that rises against you in judgment will be condemned!!!  That's the heritage of those who serve the Lord!

As much as I hate to believe it, some people just like drama.  Don't become a star in their reality show.  LOL!

Love you all.  Now back to Kingdom business...  *SMILE*

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