Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Get in Line and Follow the Teacher

NO ONE knows everything!

Romans 12:6, NLT
"Live in harmony with each other. Don’t be too proud to enjoy the company of ordinary people. And don’t think you know it all!"

We must be reminded that spiritual leaders are just that.  Their job is to lead us to Christ.  Yet, they cannot assign us an identity.  They cannot solve all our problems.  Believe it or not, they can't even answer all our questions.  That is NOT their job, and any leader who attempts to do so is out of order.

Christian leaders are merely a means to an end.  It is our job to point others to Christ as a source... never ourselves.  We make mistakes.  We have limits, and again... WE DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING!

Spiritual leaders are not meant to run your life or make decisions on your behalf.  They can pray for you.  They can teach you Scripture.  They can provide godly example and direction.  But please, LIVE YOUR LIFE!  Don't look to a leader to approve your every move or every word.  That's idolatry, and it doesn't please God.

Christian leaders are to be respected, but never feared.  They pose no threat to you if indeed they are called and sent of God.  Learn to discern their opinions from God's word.  There is a difference.  Don't confuse the two, as this is a dangerous error to make.

I will admit, I have a major pet peeve with people who must get permission from their leader for everything, especially business in their own home.  That's just NOT the spirit of God. YouR leader has no jurisdiction there!  Sure, they can pray and provide godly counsel when solicited, but they shouldn't control you and every aspect of your life, ESPECIALLY your marriage, your children, your finances, etc.

Please, let's keep things in proper perspective.  A good leader will teach you to be a disciple of CHRIST, not merely him or herself.  A good leader will make you dependent on God, not him or herself.  A good leader wants you to hear God's voice for yourself, not just through him or her.  A good leader wants you to grow and will not be intimidated by your anointing, even if it seems to "outshine" or overpower their own.  A good leader will nurture your gifts and encourage their use, not limit, control or use them for personal gain. A good leader will work WITH you, respecting your opinions and areas of expertise. A good leader will LEARN FROM YOU and BE ACCOUNTABLE TO YOU just as much (if not more) as you are to them.

In kindergarten, my class was always required to walk in a line.  Sometimes, I would stand behind Ruthie.  Sometimes, I'd stand behind Aaron.  Sometimes Steve or another student.  I followed them, but only as they followed the teacher.  When they stepped forward or moved to the right, so did I.  I followed my classmate, as long as they followed the teacher.  I followed my classmate, at times, when I couldn't see the teacher for myself.  Yet, even as a kindergarten student, I understood the goal was ultimately to FOLLOW THE TEACHER. Since I understood the goal, even when a classmate got out of line, I stayed on course, because I kept my focus and attention on the teacher.

Who are you really following?  If your leader gets out of line, will you follow them, or will you find the TEACHER?  Think about it!


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