Thursday, February 27, 2014

Honoring Marriage

As a believer, I absolutely believe in the sanctity of marriage.  Perhaps I'm "old skool", but I believe marriage was created by God and is organically defined as the union between one man and one woman.

With that being said, I have a serious question to pose to my fellow believers who stand in agreement.

We spend so much time and effort fighting for the "definition" of marriage in the church (with which I do agree), but neglect the sanctity of marriage in so many ways.  Why?

In the church, it's common to see fornication and adultery.  Yet, there are very few who cry out against it.  There are MANY preachers, leaders and pastors who divorce on Friday and show up on Sunday like nothing ever happened.  How can that be?

God HATES divorce.  That's what the word of God says.  When we truly believe in the sanctity and holiness of marriage, why don't we preach it all?  We need to take it or leave it.  Any sin is just that... a sin.  We can put weight on one over the other.

I believe God is opening our eyes.  It's very hypocritical to judge one aspect while winking at others.  At the core, everyone deserves to be loved, despite their decisions.  We've ALL made bad ones.  That still doesn't give us the right to choose which portions of God's commands we'll follow and which we'll casually dismiss.

So, today I cry aloud and spare not!  Protect godly marriage!  Stop allowing fornication and adultery in the churches.  Stop supporting those in the pulpit who wreck homes.  Stop listening to pastors and leaders who put away their spouses and take no time for repentance and restoration.  Worrying about how those outside the church define marriage is of minor concern compared to what we allow of those inside the church who are equally, if not more disrespectful of this sacred covenant.

After all, the divorce rate in the church is now greater than that outside.  If we, in the body of Christ, can't keep marriage holy, maybe we should stop getting angry at the world.  Obviously, the example has failed.  Selah.


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