Sunday, December 29, 2013

2014 False Prophesies... Brace Yourself!

Your 2014 prophecy might be false if...

- You have been given new assignments to begin on January 1 without completing those given in 2013
- The word includes the addition of house, cars and/or spouses, but nothing about holiness and repentance
- There is a charge for the word, disguised as a "tax-deductible donation"
- The same prophecy has been given to everyone, including those who have yet to live for Jesus Christ
- You haven't heard from God all year
- It includes numerology disguised as "God's divine math equation"
- The word hasn't been judged by other prophets for accuracy
- The one prophesying doesn't give enough time to prayer and worship to hear God clearly
- The one prophesying can hear God about the world and all its issues, but has a jacked up home of their own
- The one prophesying doesn't follow order or accountability, but feels free to say and do whatever he or she desires
- The word doesn't bring correction and instruction
- The word brings more questions than answers

PLEASE remember, God is not moved by time.  Let's not get stupid because the date is changing.  Don't lie on God!!!  ORDER IN THE CHURCH!

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