Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hateful "Christians"

With all my heart, I encourage those of us who see problems in others to make a change rather than complaining and ridiculing them to no avail. Jesus' ministry was one of compassion, power and change.

If God allows us to see it, we should have the power to CHANGE it. Being hateful is not a measure of holiness. I'm literally embarrassed by the many HATEFUL people who refer to themselves as "Christians."

It is NOT our job to put down others and point out their flaws while offering no solution, no power and no redemption. Too many have elevated themselves to a seat of judgment that God never ordained.
The hatred is not working, so let's try something different. Let's show love the way Jesus did. Let's show the lost the way rather than simply pointing out that they are lost. Somebody did that for me... and YOU too!


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