Monday, September 03, 2012

Don't Waste My Time... Don't Insult My Anointing

This is a heartfelt request to the many who sit under leaders that are abusive or neglectful.  Please do not waste the time and insult the anointing of God's true vessels by clinging to them, chasing after them and demanding true ministry and instruction just to return to the desolate place from which you came.

Yes, we are all servants first.  Yet, there comes a point when we musn't cast our pearls before swine.  As a minister, I must also be a good stewart of what God has given me.  I have assignments that must be fulfilled.

While I would love to help everyone, I simply cannot.  Those who are truly hungry for God will not drain His vessels, then return to the company of devils.

So please, don't insult the anointing of those who are truly called of God.  If you enjoy belonging to a place of desolation... If you enjoy sitting under preachers and teachers with no anointing... If you like the crowds and the divination without ever seeing the power of God... then stay there.

Now, if you truly want change and truly seek the power of God, you will leave the counterfeit.  I dare to speak for other apostolic leaders when I say that our hearts bleed for those who are lost.  Yet they are again trampled upon when we poor truth into people who'd rather live in darkness.

Some don't know the truth... Others know, but reject it.  If that's you, do it on your own time and allow us to minister to those who are truly hungry for God.  Don't let the enemy use YOU as a distraction from God's divine plan.


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