Thursday, February 23, 2012

Virtual Identities

God's people are a people of integrity. We are not two-faced or schizophrenic. We do not follow every wind of doctrine, nor do we suffer from identity crisis. With that being said, true people of God don't hide behind the likes of Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

It is not "prophetic" to create an identity online that has not been proven. It's very easy to attach a title to one's name or profil...e when accountability is not present. What does God call you? What does your own leader call you? If that differs from your online, fantasy profile, you are out of order.

When we carry multiple identities, either we are perpetrating a position we do not hold or we are ashamed of the call God has assigned to us. Either way, NOT good!

On the other hand, we as God's people MUST hold one another accountable. Look for the fruit, not the gifts. Look for the works, not the title. Seek out the anointing, not the seduction.

Let's do better! ORDER IN THE CHURCH!!!

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