Friday, September 16, 2011

Walk Off the Cliff... By Faith, Not by Sight!

While in prayer, the LORD showed me a vision that I must share concerning faith and obedience.

In the vision, He first showed me an army.  There were thousands of men, lined up in perfect rows.  They were armed with swords and shields.  When the General gave them orders to march, they began moving, as a group, toward a cliff.

The army marched, as they were ordered, and men on the first few rows began marching right off the cliff, which appeared to be very steep.  The strange thing to me was that the men in the back didn’t stop, though they saw others go over.  Though they were faced with death, they kept moving.

The LORD began to speak to me about His people.  He said that the Church, in this season, is afraid of what the world sees as death and defeat.  When God gives us orders, we see a cliff and halt.  Yet, a soldier understands that orders should be obeyed at every cost.

I was astounded at the obedience of the men.  They walked right off the cliff, in unison, as they were directed.  Then, the LORD showed me the same scene at a different angle.  When I was able to look behind the cliff, I saw the army of the enemy at the base.  The cliff that the soldiers walked over appeared to be hundreds of feet steep from the first view.  Now, I saw it was more like 8 feet steep – just deep enough for the soldiers to disappear as they walked off.

Then, I saw that as they walked off the cliff, they trampled on the enemy’s heads.  Glory to GOD! 

Fear is the enemy to obedience, and obedience is the foundation to faith.  God is trying to take the Body of Christ to a place of spiritual power, so we cannot allow physical, natural cliffs to hinder us.  Trust God.  He is greater!

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