Friday, April 22, 2011

NOW is the Time to Step Out on FAITH

I know this message will be a little scattered, so please forgive me. I’m full in the Spirit right now. God is speaking so much…

God is speaking concerning the “sloppy” ministry that has been accepted by the Body of Christ. He is asking, “Where is the character in My people?” God requires integrity and accountability. We must offer Him nothing less than excellence in our worship and service to Him.

During prayer last night, God began to speak about leadership. He instructed us to step outside of our comfort zones. Do we really believe our steps are ordered by God? If so, we will obey His voice and not follow that of another.

Hypocrites... We are hypocrites… those who preach faith in God, yet operate in human power. Many of us demand excellence from others, yet offer God only what’s left after our jobs, families, finances, friends and CHURCHES.

The Father is saying to the Body, “It’s time to step out. You have become comfortable and complacent. You must step out on faith. Without faith, it is impossible to please Me, yet you continue to operate in ministry and offer worship WITHOUT FAITH. If you, as the remnant and ministers of God, do not operate in FAITH, how can you teach others to have faith? My Church is full of pride, because My people only do what they KNOW. They depend on their own knowledge. Step out in FAITH. Let Me be God, even in your ministry. Then, you will understand TRUE WORSHIP!!!"

I began to see that many of us are operating out of routine. We don’t truly understand the gravity and the urgency of ministry. There is a call to win souls back to Christ, an assignment to build the Kingdom of God. Yet, we settle in the midst of routine, because it’s comfortable. God revealed that this is the source of pride. When we become comfortable, we begin to trust ourselves, rather than Him. This is why so many signs and wonders have ceased. God moved when we sought Him. Yet, instead of fasting, praying and depending on Him, we get caught in a routine and wonder why He is not moving.

MINISTRY REQUIRES SACRIFICE! Invoking the presence and the glory of God REQUIRES faith! There is no other way. We need the power of the Holy Ghost to operate in the things of God. If God’s people would depend on Him, we will see revival like never before. There is too much flesh, too much flesh, too much flesh…

Mechanic… Calculated… We want to be in control, but this type of activity quenches the Spirit. When we quench the move of the Holy Ghost, we are saying to God, “I know better than You.” We must be free from religion, tradition and what we believe others will say or think. The Spirit of God will never contradict the word of God, but He will contradict our own sense of normalcy.

Get ready for a NEW move. Prepare for revival. Move in faith. It’s the hardest thing to do, but provide an open door for the power of God to come in!


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