Wednesday, December 29, 2010

May I vent... about Michael Vick?

Many may consider this to be nothing more than a venting session, but I assure you that I’ve pondered and prayed over this for many days before gathering my thoughts in writing.

My husband, like many other men out there, is an avid football fan. While I’m not much of a television watcher myself, I often find myself in a room watching a game or listening to the latest ESPN news. For quite some time now, I’ve been VERY disturbed by the public’s reaction to Michael Vick.

Here we have a man who committed a crime…yes. He served the time for the crime that was committed and is now back in society, working a job (and doing it well) to contribute to the world of sports. Yet, it seems that people just won’t let it go.

Don’t get me wrong. He committed a crime and deserved to be punished. He was, and now it’s done. I actually read an article today about murderers in the NFL. The list included Michael Vick. Are you serious?

Really and truly, this is not about Michael Vick at all. He is merely a scapegoat being used to exemplify the mindset of many Americans, which is quite disturbing. It doesn’t take a scholar, first of all, to realize that many in the NFL have committed crimes… murder, rape, involuntary manslaughter, driving while intoxicated… yet none of these have received as much publicity as Michael Vick. Since when are dogs more important than humans?

Even in the church, I’ve been disturbed at how many people have “prophelied” around Michael Vick. He is NOT an example of God’s wrath. He is an example of the sick and twisted priorities in this American culture. What if we were to do a poll of how many NFL players have fathered aborted babies and encouraged that abortion? I assure you, that figure would astound us. So, why are we crying out and preaching about dogs? Why are we looking over human life and putting so much emphasis on the lives of animals? It’s a distraction.

Even the President of the United States was recently scrutinized for acknowledging that Michael Vick should have a second chance. What’s wrong with that? Is redemption no longer an option? Is forgiveness no longer the American way? I just don’t understand, ESPECIALLY when the church starts agreeing with this stuff. It’s absolutely crazy.

I actually heard a “Christian” sports caster say that dog abuse is the same offense as child abuse, and that Michael Vick should never receive a second chance. Really? Let’s just be real. I can’t breed, neuter and PURCHASE a child. Dogs are animals. They are possessions. There are more people fighting for the rights of dogs and cats than those that fought for Civil rights in the 1960’s or those who fought agains the Holocaust! Even in the word of God, a very clear distinction is made between animals and people. I can hardly believe people are praying for this man to fail, but not praying for his soul. Murder, rape, abortion = forgiveness. Dog fighting = eternal damnation. I seriously doubt it.

I supposed I’m finished venting now. My point is this… we cannot lose focus. The enemy is very quick to flash things in our faces to make us lose sight of the big picture. I wonder if the NFL would have taken any action in the times of Jesus, if those who crucified him were star players. Would they have even canceled the Sunday games? How long would it have taken for the ESPN news to dismiss His death and return to the more important news of who was cock fighting during the time? Hmmm…

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