Monday, April 19, 2010

You Already Have Enough

Our church hosts prayer every Monday night at 7:00, and I truly enjoyed it tonight. It’s a blessing to join in unity with the saints and just call on God with a unified expectation. Tonight, God spoke strongly about repentance in the Body of Christ. In addition, He spoke to our insecurities as people of God.

As the Lord began to cry out against sin and call for repentance, I found myself asking God for more. Not more material things, but more anointing, more courage, more gifts in the spirit… you know, the deep stuff. Then, my Father showed me a vision…

I saw a man who was diligent at work. God instructed me to look at his hands and his feet. They looked perfectly normal, as he assembled all types of beautiful items – furniture, buildings and appliances. Then, the man looked to God and asked for more. I notice that he began to grow more fingers and toes. At first, it just slowed him down. But as more of them grew, he became clumsy, then handicapped.

Then, God spoke again. “You already have enough. Sometimes more can become a handicap. Some have asked for more gifts, and received more. Then, they began to glory in themselves. Some prayed as Jabez did, for an expanded territory. When I gave it, they credited themselves. They forgot the spirit that Jabez had. Their “more” becomes a stumbling block… a distraction, even though it’s “more” of a good thing. Yet, you have been supplied with enough. My grace is sufficient for you. You must be faithful over what you have in order to have the discipline required for more. Use what you have, and see the power I’ve already given you.”

He continued to minister to me about how we waste time always praying for more. What are we doing with what God has given us? We are called. We are gifted. We are equipped. That’s more than enough to get to work and see the victorious hand of God at work.


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