Thursday, July 30, 2009

Spiritual Warfare is REAL and Upon Us

To GOD be the glory!

This is a word of encouragement to those of you who have been dealing with very real and tangible physical ailments. Over the last few weeks, many of you have experienced aches and pains, particularly in your joints and bones as well as severe headaches.

God has revealed that a spiritual attack has been released on the Body of Christ, especially those who have made a commitment to preach truth, in the face of politics, religion and tradition. The plan of the enemy is to have you worry and visit one doctor after another, only for them not to know what's wrong. The plan of the enemy is to stress you until to stop concentrating on preaching God's word... until you begin to even question your own integrity.

I hear the questions... How can I pray for others to be healed, when I cannot heal myself? Why are my children suffering these "mysterious" aches and pains? What is it coming from? What have I missed? What have I done wrong?

This attack has angered me in the spirit. As a watchman of God, I am very serious about sharing with the saints any attack that I see in the spirit. People of God, stay on the wall. Remember Job... Remember Joseph. God has NOT left you in this season, so praise God through this and remain faithful. All things are still working for your good. Command your flesh to get in line with the word of the Lord. Most importantly, do NOT give up. Do NOT slow down. Continue crying loud and pressing through.

Be encouraged and be healed!

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