Friday, July 31, 2009

The Day I Told God "YES" (Repost)

God gave me this poem a few years ago, but I always find it encouraging. It was a blessing to me today...

After a long day of hard work and labor
I finally got home and sat down at the kitchen table
I looked up to the ceiling and immediately began to pray
Father, I love you so much, but I've had a hard day!

Not only that Lord, but I'm tired and I'm weak
I work so hard to please You, yet my life seems so bleak
I know You're a provider, but to pay my bills I'm not able
I want to represent You, but others see me as unstable

I know that You're a healer, but my body aches with pain
I know I must have faith, so I constantly pray in Jesus' name
Yet when the day is over and all things come to an end
I sit here at this table, and cry out to You, once again

God, I know that You are faithful, it's not you who's failing, no
But what is wrong with me, that at Your command, I just can't go?
Why does it seem my life is just one struggle after another
And not only me Lord, but the same for my sisters and brothers?

A holy life I live, and a witness to You I try to be
Yes, I make mistakes daily, but I'm obedient to what You ask of me
I preach the word and speak out boldly against all sin
Yet the devils of the world prosper, and I simply struggle, once again

Let me interrupt right here, my Father said to me
When you said “yes” to do my will, how did you think your life would be?
You promised be a COMPLETE sacrifice - mind, body and soul
That means that from time to time, you may not quite feel whole

Job, the prophets, and even My Son felt desperate from time to time
Yet they all remembered the day they said, “Father, let Your will be mine.”
Don't ever feel I've neglected you, or that I don't hear your call
But know that your tests, your trials and scars prevent someone else from a fall

You've been ordained to complete a work for Me, though it may seem hard
The Church has lied to so many, promising ministry will make you a star
In fact, I demand a servant’s sacrifice, hard work and sometimes tears
Yes, I require your entire life - your time, your money and all your years

Death, debt and heartache may come, you may lose all you've got
Following Me is no easy task, I require ALL, not just a lot
A sacrifice is completely burnt up, until even it's composition is changed
Even so you will lose your very identity, operating only in My name

Remember, my child, what you said to me when I asked if you'd give all?
Oh Lord, Did I say "yes" to You? I believe that's what I recall
Yes, you said you’d obey My every command, to please Me in all you do
Godliness with contentment, my child, is what you'll need to get through

So suffer yet a little while, and when this life is gone
You'll see Me and my Son, face to face, pleased and saying 'Well done!'
And tell all the others who are struggling there - martyrs some have become
When one says "yes" to my will and way, it's a struggle not to succumb

Be encouraged knowing your sacrifice is certainly not in vain
For in this life and that to come you have so much to gain
Worship is a lifestyle, not just singing, dancing and prayer
But what you give Me everyday, what you're willing to lose and to share

So I pondered over all God said, and I suddenly felt relieved
Remembering my actual purpose in life is to help others to believe
To understand the Father must come first, even through every test
I guess this is really what I signed up for, the day I told God "yes"

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