Thursday, October 23, 2008

Vision of Washington, DC

As I was praying this evening, the Lord allowed me to see a vision. There was a great cloud and stronghold over Washington, D.C. There was a great wind that blew, representing an upset and turmoil in this country. As I looked more closely, I literally saw imps blowing on the White House. They blew on the economy and blew on the pride of the American people. They were setting into motion a strategic, demonic plan to attack the nation. God began to show me that the attack is not on Americans so much as against His people in this country. As the attack went forth, God begant to show me that His people are wearing their faith on the sleeve of their finances. So, as the nation is being attacked, so many of His people are falling prey.

People of God, we must understand - this fight is not against your finances. You are not fighting for your jobs or for your well-being. This is a spiritual attack. Even when 9/11 ocurred, there was a new level of spiritual warfare that was released into the atmosphere. We cannot lose focus. God is saying, Open your eyes and discern! The enemy is succeeding by taking our eyes off the real battle. He has distracted God's people, and we must refocus.

Even this presidential election has concentrated so much on the "middle class." This includes those who lived by faith for so long. Why have we so easily forgotten?

Oh, I see the demonic activity in the air. It is permeating through the air and suppressing the people of God. We must break through. Prayer and fasting must go forth. I see the spirits blowing on God's people. This is war. This is a spiritual attack - it is only manifested in the natural. There is no bail-out plan that can save. There is no president that can redeem. The people of God must rise up and get on assignment. The enemy is the prince of this atmosphere, and he has released the command to war. Stand, people of God. Stand in this season. Stay on your faces before God in prayer. Turn down your plates and repent. Do not be discouraged. Do not fear. Do not fall into the snare of the enemy. He is blowing and setting his plan into motion. He is waiting for the desperate to run to his trap and forget their God. No fear. Stand. No fear. Stand.


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