Thursday, October 23, 2008

Deliverance Ministry

To GOD be the glory!

For many days now, God has been speaking to me about the ministry of deliverance and the gift of discernment. This is a season, in the Body of Christ, where God's people are being deceived on a very large level. In general, the people of God do not understand the spirit realm and the power of demonic influence.

In order for us to cast out demons, we must first recognize them. We need to understand the difference between the flesh and spiritual influence.

God is directing us, people of God, to sharpen our gifts. There is a generation of prophets, specifically seers, who are armed with discernment and must be used. God has raised them up for His use in this season. It is so important that we not be moved and awed by signs and wonders, but recognize and know the spirit and the voice of God.

I encourage each of us to pray and ask God to sharpen our discernment. There is a great hoax being played on the church, and the enemy is rejoicing in our ignorance and confusion. Seers, come forth! People of God, stand and do not run from the enemy or his imps. You have been given power over them, and many require deliverance.


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