Thursday, October 04, 2007

Dismembered Bodies (A Prophetic Dream)

Last night, the Lord showed me many things in a dream. It was quite disturbing, and initially very confusing. Yet before I awoke, the Father gave me the interpretation. God has given me instruction to share this, as a prophet and watchman, unto the Body of Christ.


I was in my grandmother’s old house, located in the country – away from the big city and far down a dirt road. My children and my husband were there, as we lived in the home. I was preparing for a phone interview, and while I was answering employment questions, I asked the children to quiet down quite a few times. This job interview seemed very important to me. Finally, out of frustration, I just walked out the front door, onto the porch. I walked down the steps of the porch and down a walkway toward to mailbox to make sure I could have some peace and quiet.

As I approached the mailbox and continued with me phone call, I heard the sound of hammering. I looked across the field to my left, and saw a figure – a large man – nailing something to a tree in the woods. I pulled the phone away from my ear and yelled at the man. At that time, I saw my husband, who had run out the back door in response to the same sound. I apologized to the interviewer, and asked if I could call him back. Then, my husband asked me what was going on. I explained what I had seen, so he began to approach the thing nailed to the tree, and I followed behind him. We had both seen the man run into the woods.

As we got close to the tree, we noticed that a dismembered head had been nailed to the tree by its hair. Yet, the person was not dead. Below the head, in a black trash bag, were a collection of dismembered body parts. They were all still warm and “alive”, only detached from where they should be. The head was crying, but could not speak.

My husband and I immediately looked at one another in astonishment. Then, I heard my children, who were still in the house, begin to scream. I asked my husband if he had locked the door, and he said he had not. So, we ran toward the house. When we entered, our children were crouched in corner with no clothing on. They were beaten and very afraid. My son, the older of my two, told me that a man had hurt him and his sister.

My husband and I assumed this was the same man who we’d seen in the woods. So, we dressed the children, wrapped them in blankets, and rushed to the local police station. When we got there, medical professionals examined our children as we described to the police what we’d seen.

Now, the town we were in was experiencing a famine. There was a known predator on the loose, and he was being blamed for hundreds of disappearances each day. As people disappeared, the economy went south. Businesses were boarded up as their owners and workers disappeared. No one had money, and many were afraid to leave their homes. People were starving, and no one new was coming into the town.

As we finished giving details to the police, my husband and I walked down a hall, where we saw a clean-cut, young man in a uniform. My husband looked at him and called him “Uncle,” though I didn’t recognize him. We discovered that he was in training to join the local police force. Then, the medical examiner returned with our children to tell us they had been beaten and molested, but would recover.

As soon as my children walked around the corner, they saw this Uncle my husband apparently knew, and began to scream. My son told me he was the man who was in the house. Much to our surprise, it was not the man we’d seen in the woods.

With that, I was filled with anger, and began strangling the man. The police pulled me off of him only when he begged for his life and declared that he could point them to the man who was dismembering people in the town. He was warned that if he did not lead the police to this man, they would allow me to kill him in revenge for what had happened to my children.

However, the man still begged for my forgiveness. Much to my surprise, I agree to forgive him. When I should his hand, my hand illuminated, and all he’d down was literally erased. I looked at my children again, and their countenance had changed. When I hugged them, I knew that what happened to them was somehow “undone.”

My husband left the police station with this man and the police. At this point, I was somehow separated, and simply “switched scenes.”

I found myself with three close friends, who are also prophets, in a thrift shop or boutique. We were determined to find the man who was dismembering the town people. I knew who the three women were, and will use their initials: CH, LE and CDA. When we walked into the thrift store, there was blood everywhere. There was a woman at the front counter who was swaying. She had a look of morbid fear on her face. There were dismembered body parts scrambling around on the floor, just as they were in the streets, looking for other parts of their bodies.

She began to cry and said we could have anything in the store for only 75 cents. This would be enough to buy her some coffee, and that’s all she wanted. There was blood all over our clothing, yet we were not interested in suits, shoes or jewelry. Instead, we gathered many camisoles and stockings. I turned and asked one the prophets, LE, why we were gathering camisoles. She said we’d be bending over and fighting in order to bring this man to justice, so we had to make sure our intimate parts were covered, and that nothing would be seen in the fight.

We left the store and drove down long, country roads, looking for the man. We continued to gather body parts and place them in the back seat and trunk along the way. There was so much blood. Again, the parts were still “alive”, and we did our best to match them up as we went. When we saw a police car, we stopped to find my husband there with them, and the man, finally captured. Strangely, when we found the man, he was “cleaned up.” Originally, he had thick unkept hair. He was in dirty overalls and bloody shoes. Now, he wore a three-piece suit. He had a clean shave and a Bible in his hand. He’d taken all the possessions of his victims, so he wore expensive jewelry and had wads of money in his pockets. He had begun sewing the body parts together, but mixing them up to create new bodies that never before existed. He was frustrated because the bodies were dysfunctional, and they were not bringing him the glory he thought he should receive. He sewed hands of one person to the head of another. He put an eye of one onto the toe of another, claiming things would be accomplished with this new rearrangement, such that the world had never seen, and that he’d get the credit.

I began touching the bodies, along with the other three prophetesses who joined me. As we touched the parts, their dismembered parts were drawn back to them. We cursed the one who’d done this, though no one else seemed to feel it was merited. In fact, even the bodies that were rejoined by our touch tried to fight us. However, they couldn’t harm us. Their blows went through our bodies, and eventually, they just rejoiced that they were made whole once again. The man was not arrested, but only warned by the police to do something else with his time. They realized they could not charge him with murder, because his victims never died. They could not even charge him with kidnapping, because he always left one part of the body in its original place. So, the man smiled and smirked at us (the other 3 prophets and myself), as if he’d won. With that, the dream ended.


While still dreaming, I became unconcerned with the man, and my mind went back to my children. I asked God what had happened to them. I wanted to make sure they were okay. God immediately rebuked me. He told me I’d missed it. In fact, He literally rewound the entire dream and began commentating, so that I would understand what he’d shown me. So, I had the entire dream again, with God pausing between scenes to explain.

In the dream, I was the symbol of the prophet and watchman. We were at my grandmother’s house, because this symbolized a place of comfort and complacency. It was peaceful, so I was not alert. I felt safe and therefore let my guard down, despite what was taking place in the surrounding town. It had not hit my grandmother’s land at that point, so I was not concerned. There are many prophets in this hour who are aware of what is taking place in the Body of Christ. Yet, we are comfortable and complacent because it seemingly does not affect us – YET. We are seeing things in other ministries, other countries, other families, but feel it’s not our business to deal with it. We feel that our homes are our only jurisdiction – that we have no say-so or authority to rebuke outside of that. These are those for whom this message must be shared.

The job interview on the cell phone symbolized personal gain and ambition. Because I was anxious to get a good job, I ignored what was happening in the town (the Christian world) and turned my attention away from my children, who were my ministry.

Then, distraction came. The man in the woods caused me to lose focus of both my worldly, personal ambitions and my ministry. The head on the tree symbolized the office of the Apostle. It was nailed to a tree to show that God is re-establishing the office in a prominent, permanent place. Yet, the head was dysfunctional because it had been severed from its other members. Yes, this is the Body of Christ. The man was going around, severing parts of the Body. While they were not killed, they were not able to achieve anything. There was confusion, and the town was dying.

As we noticed the larger problem, God called my attention back to my ministry with the scream. I saw the problem in the Body of Christ, but abandoned my own assignment – my ministry – while trying to investigate. Before I knew it, someone else had snuck in and destroyed the innocence and integrity of the ministry God had given me.

The police station symbolized a place of authority and leadership. Rather than looking for the man who was causing chaos in the town, this officer has snuck into my home and ravaged my ministry. In other words, he turned away from sin and attacked the move of God. He allowed the sin to go on, and felt a greater urge to stop the move of God, as soon as I allowed a window of opportunity. Yet, when I forgave him, God erased the destruction he had done and turned his heart back to finding and correcting sin – the man who was dismembering bodies.

Once my children were in a safe place, I was able to attack the sin. Yes, once I attended to the thing God called me to have responsibility for, I was released to deal with a greater issue, but my ministry had to be restored first.

The store represented the physical church. No one was “on post” because the workers had been dismembered. So, the four prophets, including myself, had to find what we needed on our own. The camisoles and stockings protected our sensitive or private areas, as women. God said that he is girding up his women and protecting our emotions, that we can do His work more efficiently and without distraction. As the enemy begins to pull on and ravage the outer layers, we will not be uncovered due to the layers He supplied.

During our transition, we gathered dismembered body parts – those in the Body of Christ who were out of place, and therefore dysfunctional. The man, who was now dressed in a suit, was the leadership of the church. God reminded me of the Scripture in Jeremiah 23:1 –

Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! saith the LORD.

This “universal” Pastor began undoing what God had done. He severed Body parts and put them where he felt they should go, looking for glory. However, the church and the authority thereof, refused to accuse him. They were stuck on technicalities. Only the prophets were willing to accuse and were not intimidated by his power. As we began to restore, we knew the fight would continue and that we could not count on the authority of the church to back our efforts.

There was so much more, but I will allow the details to minister to you. I will say this, however. PROPHETS, prepare yourselves for opposition, and learn to bury your emotions. Do NOT move out of season. Know your ministry (or your divine assignment), and make sure it is covered. You will not be released until you have taken care of what God has called you to watch over. Observe, but do not fight until you are girded up and released. Then, do not look for the “authority” of the church to validate you. In fact, know that you may be the very one to expose the leaders. If you operate in order, power will follow. You WILL have the power to bring healing, forgiveness, order and in the end – life!


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Anonymous said...

How profound. Your word ministered to me. Thank you for being obedient to share your intimate revelation to the world. God is speaking to me of my own ministry and has been ministering to me for over a year through dreams. I am praying for the wisdom to interpret them fully. My name is Mandy, If you will, remember me in your prayers.